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Where To Get PCR Tests In The USA - January 11, 2021

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Where To Get PCR Tests In The USA - January 11, 2021. This is my latest video regarding where to get PCR tests in the US. PCR test for international t...

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Where To Get PCR Tests In The USA - January 11, 2021. This is my latest video regarding where to get PCR tests in the US. PCR test for international travel is now needed for multiple countries, including Colombia. So go get your PCR test and get the results within 96 hours. In this video, I'll show where to get a PCR test in the United States. Colombia Requires PCR Test now to enter Colombia. Enforced now and with an official beginning dat of January 12th, 2021. So I implore you to get your Covid 19 test before you go. You never know what they'll tell you when you land and even before you board here in the US. You'll need your PCR test results within 96 hours of your flight to Colombia. I'm leaving links below discussed in my video on where to PCR test for travel. Colombia PCR test are available there, but don't count on them allowing you to enter without it. Get your Coronavirus test within 96 hours of flying. So for all, International flights Colombia, get the test. Whether to Colombia or other countries that require it. Medellin is one of them.

Medellin Colombia is still a destination for many, so don't chance not having your results. Colombia Travel restrictions are constantly changing. Be ready for your Colombia Travel 2021. Covid 19 is real and Colombia's infection rate is growing each day. So if you have a trip to Medellin Colombia, get the test before you go and you see my last video on where to get the test while there. So this is the latest Colombia travel news. If I'm offering any information that's beneficial, please subscribe. International flights are headed to Colombia each day; don't get caught up with your PCR test results. This video is not solely for travel to Medellin Colombia but for any location that's requiring a PCR test. Thanks for watching my videos on Colombia travel.

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