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We Stayed at the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Hotel at Walt Disney World!

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Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser is the brand new immersive experience at Walt Disney World where you have the chance to live out your own Star Wars st...

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Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser is the brand new immersive experience at Walt Disney World where you have the chance to live out your own Star Wars story. Disney invited us out to experience a voyage before the grand opening, so we're sharing the entire thing with you - but there are MASSIVE SPOILERS so watch at your own risk. Also, keep in mind this isn't a review, because we didn't actually pay for it, but check back after March 3 for reviews from the first voyage.

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00:00 Intro to Day 1
01:27 Check-In
02:35 We’re Going In!
04:21 Boarding the Transport Pod & First Look
05:26 First Lunch!
06:38 Room Tour
21:33 Meeting the Crew, Muster, and Captain’s Toast
35:44 Following Sammie on a Mission
40:44 Gaya Arrives
44:16 Bridge Training
52:17 Chew Arrives
53:51 An Evening with Gaya Dinner Food
56:08 Gaya Begins Her Performance
01:06:24 Saving Chewie
01:07:45 SK Gets Restrained
01:12:59 Saying Goodnight to D3
01:16:37 Day 2 Begins
01:19:48 Breakfast Buffet
01:20:25 Catching Up on Last Night
01:22:47 Heading to Batuu on the Transport
01:26:47 Arrival at Batuu and the Missions Begin
01:30:30 Helping the Captain on Rise of the Resistance
01:41:54 Helping Raithe with Smuggler’s Run
01:48:05 Heading Back to the Halcyon and a Quick Mission
01:51:30 Lunch Buffet
01:52:18 Atrium, Bridge, Sublight Lounge, Gift Shop, and Climate Simulator Tour
01:57:26 Lightsaber Training
02:03:36 Distracting Croy and Saving SK
02:12:53 Helping the Captain on the Bridge
02:20:49 A Friend Arrives
02:21:21 Catching Up on a Busy Day
02:23:51 Engineering Mission
02:30:13 Gaya Acoustic
02:35:45 A Taste Around the Galaxy Dinner
02:36:53 Emergency Alert
02:38:40 A Villain Arrives and The Battle Begins
02:46:27 Celebrating the Victory & Fireworks Finale
02:50:31 Sweets and Treats
02:51:31 Nightcap at Sublight Lounge
02:52:53 Day 3 Begins
02:52:32 Final Breakfast
02:54:08 Beginning the Journey Home via Transport Pod
02:56:18 Final Moments
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