We Got Liquid Springs On Our Super C RV! (Worth It? & Factory Tour)

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In this episode of Wandering Wagners, we took our Nexus Wraith 34W Super C RV to Lafayette, Indiana to Liquid Spring to get our rear suspension re-don...

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In this episode of Wandering Wagners, we took our Nexus Wraith 34W Super C RV to Lafayette, Indiana to Liquid Spring to get our rear suspension re-done with a complete new system!
Liquid Spring is a Smart Suspension that monitors and adjusts liquid in tanks to adjust and account for bumps in the roads, and body tilt of your coach.
The systems runs around $12k depending on your coach.
People who have installed Liquid Spring on their rigs do nothing but rant and rave about how amazing it is, so we wanted to see if it was really worth all that money!
Liquid Spring does almost 100% of the manufacturing and testing of their system in house! That was probably one of the most surprising parts (in a good way!) Lots of great skilled workers, and super smart engineers!
I've been in manufacturing my entire career and this plant was so clean! They really take pride, and it shows with the excellent craftsmanship.

Mike dropped off the Wraith on Monday morning and they called Tuesday to say it was finished and ready to get picked up! We arrived Wednesday morning to get a factory tour and pick up the Super C.
We did a test drive with Eric, and he showed us not only how to operate the system, but how the system itself operates!

Next we put it to the test by heading 300+ miles away towards Iowa. The roads in Indiana and around Chicago are known to be terrible- so the Wraith got a lot of testing miles in this trip!
We were pleasantly surprised at how well the Super C rode! We even removed the cardboard from under our fridge that helps hold up the heavy wood facing, which normally falls under non-bumpy roads. I was skeptical that we wouldn't need the cardboard anymore. After the rest of the 4 hour drive the fridge facing was STILL in place! That in itself is a win haha

Unlike Springs or air ride, Liquid Spring is a SMART suspension that learns, vs a static thing that can only do so much while hitting bumps.

We plan to update as we travel along the next few months with how the system is operating and if we STILL think it's worth it... or not!

As of now, we both think it is!

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