Updates in the Airport and Changes in the Airplane (Coronavirus)


Today I will share airline updates for when you travel again. I flew after learning the cleaning processes on airplanes during the Coronavirus. I want...

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Today I will share airline updates for when you travel again. I flew after learning the cleaning processes on airplanes during the Coronavirus. I want to share the airline updates with you so you feel safer when you travel in 2020. I will also show you some pictures of updates inside airports as well as changes inside airplanes. The number one helpful tip for airline travel again is to know that their cleaning procedures often times exceed what the CDC deems as standard practices. For one more month you cannot choose the middle seat on United Airlines and Delta when booking a flight.
United’s website states that they may need to give that seat to someone. For that airline you can ask for the next flight if the plane is 70% full. You receive a notification it is 70% full and would you like to change your flight to the next one. That free option is until June 30. Their new CEO Scott Kirby had an interview with CNBC and stated that while offering passengers a later flight because the plane was now 70% full, 97% of the passengers opted to stay on the plane even though someone could be in the middle seat. People are ready to travel!!!
United and either Delta Airlines or American is handing out antibacterial wipes if you need it in May. I cannot imagine how expensive this is. Imagine buying these for a million passengers a day.
On the Transportation Security Administration website you can see the amount of passengers per day from now compared to the same date last year. Hopefully we will get back into the millions flying again, slowly and responsibly. Flight schedules will change and here is the main reason why.
For now they have suspended one or all flights to certain cities because the passenger demand is not there. Delta and United Airlines have taken entire fleets of airplanes out of the system temporarily. Some airlines are combining passengers into one of the really large planes so they can have more middle seats open. That large airplane may need to park at a different gate so be sure to check the departure gate once you get to the airport! So the schedules may change. Because of the airline changes and airport laws, be prepared by learning for yourself what to expect. Some airports are requiring you to wear a face covering through the airport, like in Houston for example. When you walk through airport security, you will need to adjust your mask so officers can see your facial features. In Houston they did not ask me to adjust it, but in the other city I did have to pull my mask down.
Some airlines are providing more stanchions to social distance passengers in the check in lines. We stood right behind each other in Houston.

Video of spray:
Delta: https://news.delta.com/aircraft-fogging
United: https://hub.united.com/united-coronavirus-covid19-safety-update-2645397564.html

STEM activities: https://hub.united.com/united-home-aviation-activities-kids-2645719248.html

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