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This video is made to introduce everyone seeking to travel with more authentic experience and yet spend less money to travelling with a local host. We...

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This video is made to introduce everyone seeking to travel with more authentic experience and yet spend less money to travelling with a local host.

We have been hosted by and hosting people from all over the world for almost 16 years and we have made many friends and many precious memories.This video introduces the concept to anyone unfamiliar with this way of travelling or know about it and still considering if to try it...

Feel free to post any comments or questions you have and we are happy to answer you too.

There are plenty of local hosts willing to host you for free on platforms like couchsurfing, workaway, afs and global freeloaders

**The tourism industry's shortcoming is that it is an industry, experiences are tailored experiences often marketed as a products that comes with a price tag, while it this is important as it creates income to many in the tourism industry, sometimes staying with a local host you get an authentic experience that money can't buy. Some local host even comes with their own special experience in their country to share. Ours is we offer a wushu class where some guest offer a backflip.**

Please note that all travelling entails dangers and risks. Flying, boating, being in any vehicle is a risk. Staying with a host or hosting a guest can also expose you to potential harm and dangers.Linus and Shen have both travelled and hosted for 16 years without incidences.


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