Trouble Flying to Iceland | Iceland Travel Vlog 2021 | Flying United Airlines to Iceland | Reykjavik

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Travel Vlog #73 | Reykjavik, Iceland Our trip to Iceland had a VERY rough start. We were supposed to fly from our home airport to Denver - Newark - Re...

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Travel Vlog #73 | Reykjavik, Iceland
Our trip to Iceland had a VERY rough start. We were supposed to fly from our home airport to Denver - Newark - Reykjavik. Weeell, that did not go as planned. At all. Our flight to Denver took off on time and everything went well, once we got to Denver, we rushed to our gate and were boarding the plane as expected, but once we were all seated, things started going south.
We were sitting on the tarmac when we found out that 1. the storm in Newark, Elsa, was going to cause us to not be able to land and 2. the temperature in Denver was too hot for us to carry the mail to Newark with us! They offloaded the mail, and we actually started taxi'ing, but that didn't last long either. Within 15 minutes we were told that the storm was going to stop us from taking off entirely at this point, so we all ended up deplaning. We sat in the airport for a while before they told us we WERE going to be able to make it to Newark! The flight after that was uneventful, and the landing was great. We found a hotel in NYC and were planning on grabbing our bags and heading that way before we found out they didn't know/couldn't get us our bags. They said they would be on the flight tomorrow to Iceland, so we didn't worry about it. One $90 Uber and last minute hotel later, we spent the night in NYC and decided to make the most of a long layover in a place we'd never been! After spending the day running around NYC, we headed back to the airport to catch our flight to Reykjavik! Thankfully, there were no issues and we landed on time, and OUR BAGS WERE THERE! Entering the country was easy with the right documentation, and we were quickly on our way to pick up our camper van for the week!
Honestly, the flight issues weren't any big deal since we got to spend the day exploring NYC, which is a city we've been extremely interested in visiting for a while now.
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