Tripreport - FLIGHT TO IOANNINA, Greece with SAS, Scandinavian Airlines Charter on Airbus A320

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In this Airline Tripreport video we take you with us onboard our SAS Scandinavian Airlines flight from Copenhagen to Ioannina Airport in Greece onboar...

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In this Airline Tripreport video we take you with us onboard our SAS Scandinavian Airlines flight from Copenhagen to Ioannina Airport in Greece onboard an Airbus A320. This Tripreport is the second video in our "Journey to Ioannina" series. If you have not already watched Part 1, "Departure from Copenhagen Airport" you should watch that first before watching this Scandinavian Airlines Tripreport, the video can be viewed here: Part 3, the final part of this journey "Arriving at Ioannina Airport" can be viewed here:

Timestamps for this SAS Charter Tripreport
00:00 Start
00:02 Walking to Gate at Copenhagen Airport
00:31 Our Departure Gate, Gate B4
00:46 Our SAS Scandinavian Airlines Airbus A320 Aircraft
00:55 Boarding our SAS Flight to Ioannina
01:26 Stepping Onboard our Scandinavian Airlines Airbus A320
01:37 Cabin View of the SAS Airbus A320
01:53 Our Seats on this SAS Flight
01:57 Sitting in Our Seats and Welcome Onboard
02:20 Disinfectant Wipes for disinfecting sitting area
02:29 Maro Disinfects Tray Table, Armrest and Seatbelt
03:10 Maro shows the Air Sickness Bag / Barf Bag
03:55 Window View at Copenhagen Airport
04:05 Boarding Completed - Empty Seat Next to Us!
04:09 Welcome Onboard Announcement by Pilot (in Danish)
04:28 Pushback - Our Flight to Ioannina Airport begins
04:34 Safety onboard briefing in Swedish
04:50 Safety onboard briefing in English
05:09 Mood Lights onboard SAS Scandinavian Airlines Airbus A320
05:22 Flaps Lowering for Takeoff
05:27 Taxiing to Runway at Copenhagen Airport
05:54 Time check on the Trusty Pulsar Watch
06:37 Maxi & Maro talking before Takeoff
06:54 Pilot Announcement - Takeoff Delayed
07:34 Runway Inspection Vehicle passes by
07:50 Taxiing onto Runway 22R at Copenhagen Airport
08:01 Ready for Takeoff
09:23 Flaps Retracting after Takeoff
09:47 Breaking through the clouds after Takeoff
09:57 Cabin View while Ascending to Cruise Altitude
10:06 Flight Briefing by Cabin Crew
10:13 Testing our new Dual-head Microphone from Comica
10:40 Tray Table on SAS Airbus A320
11:00 USB Port on SAS Airbus A320
11:08 Safety Onboard Card for SAS Airbus A320
11:37 Inflight Menu for SAS Scandinavian Airlines Flights
12:40 Maro buys water bottles onboard
13:25 SAS Charter Inflight Meal - Pre-ordered Snack Pack
14:56 Masks off! Now you can see us!
15:09 Maro presents our SAS Charter Inflight Meal
15:56 Maro Tasting Inflight Meal
16:18 Price of our Scandinavian Airlines Inflight Meal
16:28 Opinion about SAS Charter Inflight Snack Pack
17:34 Time check on the Trusty Pulsar Watch
17:42 Inflight Meal Cleared Away
18:18 Window Seat View of the Wing
18:23 Cabin View after Inflight Meal
18:26 Masks Back on after Eating
18:47 Lavatory Tour on Airbus A320
19:40 Cabin View from the Rear of the SAS Airbus A320
19:43 Our Opinion of SAS, Scandinavian Airlines & this Flight to Ioannina Airport
20:42 Time check on the Trusty Pulsar Watch
20:54 Showing our Instagram & Facebook photos from this Flight
21:16 Legroom on SAS Charter Airbus A320
21:36 Our Seat Numbers on this SAS Flight to Ioannina
21:48 Maro IS NOT SLEEPING - Leave a Like for that!
22:07 Window Seat View - A Town and a Windmill Park
22:59 Is Maro Sleeping?
23:31 Window Seat View
24:16 Cabin View - We have begun Descending
25:03 Seat Belt Sign On
25:05 Landing Announcement - 15 Minutes to Ioannina Airport
25:25 Preparing Cabin for Landing
25:44 Cabin Crew Take Your Seats for Landing
25:50 Window Seat View as we Approach Ioannina Airport
26:14 Flaps Lowering for Landing
26:35 Final Approach to Ioannina Airport in Greece
26:48 Flying over Lake Pamvotida Approaching Ioannina Airport
27:02 Short Final to Ioannina Airport
28:30 Welcome to Ioannina Airport Cabin Crew Announcement - In Swedish
28:43 Taxiing to Ioannina Airport Terminal
28:59 Welcome to Ioannina Airport Cabin Crew Announcement - In English
29:08 Apron View at Ioannina Airport
29:24 Disembarkation Instructions in Danish
29:52 Disembarking our SAS Scandinavian Airlines Airbus A320 Flight
30:14 Continue Watching: Arriving at Ioannina Airport video

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