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Here is part 2 (the OUTSIDE) of our RV tour and review of the 2017 Grand Design Solitude 310 GK fifth wheel. We have owned it about a year and have li...

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Here is part 2 (the OUTSIDE) of our RV tour and review of the 2017 Grand Design Solitude 310 GK fifth wheel. We have owned it about a year and have lived full time in it for over 6 months. A lot has broken, which means Larry has learned a lot about the mechanics of this RV.

This video will show you all the outside details, like storage; slides; lithium and solar; tanks; propane; heating, air conditioners; as well as underneath the RV- which many tours skip. After our Lippert leaf spring broke, Larry has spent a lot of time researching suspensions- the good and the bad. See why this rig is great for full timers, and what should be upgraded for full time living. We also show you some of the newbie necessities, whether you are full time, part time, or weekenders.

Links to Videos we mention in this Video:

Snapped Leaf Spring Video
Magma Ladder Mounted Grill
DIY Sewer Hose from Vinyl fence post
Solid Step Stair Rubber Tread Install
Broken Bedroom Shwintec Slide
Head Injury on Lippert King Pin DIY foamie protection
DIY Slide Corner protection Foamies
Hitching Checklist Using Level up Auto Leveling
DIY Awning Repair Video
Awning VS Tree how we tore off our Awning

Products we show or mention in the Video (Amazon Links)

Camping is always a good idea t-shirt
Mopeka Tank Check, Propane tank monitor iphone android
WeBoost RV 65 Cell phone booster with 25 foot antenna mast
Surge Guard 50 amp hardwired surge suppressor model 35550
Victron Solar Controller 150/100
Victron Color Control GX Monitor
Victron Multiplus Inverter / Charger 12 V 3000w
Victron BVM-712 Battery monitor
NewPowa 200 watt solar panels (24V) ours
NewPowa 200 watt solar panels (12v)
Steadyfast Stabilizers for 5th Wheel and Travel trailers
Camco Blue water filter
Renotor m11 water pressure regulator
D & W sewer storage tube super tube
Xtend & Climb telescoping Ladder
B & W companion Hitch for Ram OEM puck system
Watch Dog Water Alarm for water pump and heater

New Hitch that welds to bumper (etrailer)

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We are a married couple in our mid 50s who downsized and sold our house so we can see the sights and enjoy every day to live deliberately as full time RVers - traveling with our dogs, Scrappy & Chewie, in our Grand Design Solitude 310 GK fifth wheel.

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