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Tour of Auschwitz From Krakow | My Most Sentimental Video Yet

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The Auschwitz Tour From Krakow is the most heartbreaking and moving tour I have taken in my 25 years of travel. This hauntingly famous German-run conc...

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The Auschwitz Tour From Krakow is the most heartbreaking and moving tour I have taken in my 25 years of travel. This hauntingly famous German-run concentration camp took the lives of 1.1 million people, 300,000 of them being Polish citizens who stood up to them during the Polish Uprising.

Walk-through Auschwitz with me and an official guide of Auschwitz. I tried to capture the emotions I felt during my visit there and wanted to do this justice by sharing with you the feelings I had while I walked through. Despite watching World War II Historical documentaries with my Grandma for years -- there was still a lot I learned here about the atrocities that happened.

Please note, that how I structured this video can be quite triggering to some people - so proceed with caution. Also note that I put a lot of heart, thought, and effort into creating this video. Any racial slurs or disavowing of the validity of this place will be banned indefinitely. Respect the people, respect the story, and let us never forget what happened here so we don't repeat it.
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