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Tortuguero is on Costa Rica's Caribbean Coast. It is known as "Land of the Turtles" because the beaches in Tortuguero are nesting spots for ...

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Tortuguero is on Costa Rica's Caribbean Coast. It is known as "Land of the Turtles" because the beaches in Tortuguero are nesting spots for turtles.

After leaving the La Fortuna area, we made our way to Tortuguero. On the way, we made a quick pit stop to see tons of iguanas. Then we made it to La Pavona where we took a one hour boat ride through the jungle to reach Tortuguero. Tortuguero is only accessible by plane or boat. Once we made it, we only walked a few minutes until we reached our hotel. We stayed at Casa Pelican and were able to book our tours through the hotel.

Shortly after we arrived, we headed down to the beach for our turtle tour. This was definitely one of our favorite experiences in Costa Rica. We weren't able to film the experience because it would disturb the sea turtles, but we'll give you a idea of what the turtle tour was like. There are turtle spotters that walk the beach in search of sea turtles. Once the turtle has started to dig her nest, the guides are allowed to bring people to the beach to watch the sea turtle lay her eggs. This was truly a remarkable experience to be so up close to this spectacular event. We had several opportunities to watch her lay eggs and then we watched her cover the eggs with sand. Even though we had to patiently wait for the spotters to find a turtle, the wait was well worth it.

The next morning, we woke up early to take a canoe trip through the canals of Tortuguero National Park. We had to buy tickets to enter the Tortuguero National Park as well as tickets for the canoe trip. We were glad that we booked the morning tour tour because just as the tour was ending the sun was starting to get hot. Our guide was so fantastic at spotting wildlife on our trip. We saw caimans, monkeys, birds, a snake, iguanas, and butterflies. The trip lasted about 3 hours and it was a great way to relax and enjoy the wildlife of Tortuguero.

After the canoe trip, we found a cafe along the water and ate breakfast. Then we took the boat trip back to La Pavona to pick up our rental car. From La Pavona, we made our way to the capital city of San Jose.

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Travel Vlog #58 | Tortuguero, Costa Rica | Filmed August 2021

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