Time To Plan That Summer Trip! AUA with The Wendlands


Catch up with us and recent travel and RV news in this week's Ask Us Anything! Is it time to plan that next trip? We chat summer travel plans and more...

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Catch up with us and recent travel and RV news in this week's Ask Us Anything! Is it time to plan that next trip? We chat summer travel plans and more. Catch us live every Sunday at 7PM ET! Make sure to take the poll for Friday Night Virtual Campfires! SUBSCRIBE for more RV Lifestyle: http://bit.ly/RVLifestyleYT

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By background, we're journalists Mike and Jennifer Wendland and this channel is all about freedom and fun through RV travel! We travel North America in our RV doing travel videos, how-tos, RV walk-through tours and video tips about how to get the most out of the RV Lifestyle. Every week, we virtually take you with us with lIve on-the-road reports every Sunday night and we also in-depth RV travel videos every Thursday. We also regularly publish interviews with people from every part of the RV community. We do our best to demystify the RV Lifestyle and help you find the best spots, get the right gear and keep things running right so you can have fun and enjoy every minute out there in your RV!

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