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The Spark Experience: Trip To Italy

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Here is a life-changing trip to Italy for you, after a terrible last year. The Spark Experience with Sorin, the producer of the Travel by Dart show, w...

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Here is a life-changing trip to Italy for you, after a terrible last year. The Spark Experience with Sorin, the producer of the Travel by Dart show, will inspire your senses. Here it is: https://www.thesparkexperience.com/italy

8 days, 7 nights and a bunch of bucket list items to be checked off in Tuscany, Pisa, Florence and Venice or other amazing locations.... Enter your name to be selected for this adventure. The selected applicants are based on their life story and charisma, regardless of their place of work or age. This is not a travel agency deal, this is a lifestyle deal. We will provide you travel insurance as well.

Join Sorin on this trip and have the best vacation ever: hot air balloon over Tuscany, Chianti winery visit, gondola ride, go to the Pisa leaning tower, and more.

The experience is not for everyone. Amongst other things, Spark Experience is organized for people who are looking for one of the following:

- An inspirational vacation
- Bucket list travel
- How to survive a breakup
- How to survive a divorce
- Starting a new life
- One who has been too busy working who realized time went away and he/she has been either overworked and under-appreciated.
- One who feels under-appreciated within his group of friends and wants to make a change, starting a new life, and looking for inspiration. Mid-life crisis candidate or someone who has never done anything exciting or cool.
- Couples looking for a different kind of trip.
- Life after divorce.
- Adrenaline rush.
- How to survive a divorce they don't want.
- Starting a new life as a woman.
- How to recover after a breakup.
- 9-5’ers or someone who’s been working long hours and wants to detach from daily reality.
- Mid-life crisis individuals who don’t want to have regrets.
- Someone who is looking for a nice mix of culture and rustic adventure.
- Someone who wants to recharge their life and press the reset button.
- Ladies who are looking for the best mother-daughter trips.
- Someone who wants to surprise his/her partner with an incredible birthday or anniversary gift (maybe even a wedding proposal – we’ll get it on camera, too). Whether you’re looking for 40th birthday trip ideas for couples or anything else, we will spark you.
- An individual who is looking to get out of his/her comfort zone.
- Someone who is coming out of a relationship and wants to experience things they feel they’ve been missing out on and celebrate being single (looking for things to do after divorce or separation).
- Freelancers and entrepreneurs who want to spark their business spirit with sun,  ocean, and other creative individuals.
- Someone who has had a list of bucket list trips but ALWAYS found reasons not to start doing them.

...and more.

You can enter your name to be part of the following Spark Experiences below:



You can contact Sorin at: sorin@travelbydart.com
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