The Phoenician 2021 - Resort Tour - Scottsdale Arizona Luxury Hotel

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10 Views I'm in Scottsdale Arizona at The Phoenician and we will tour the resort for the Cavour guide. This is a 4-star resort designed...

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I'm in Scottsdale Arizona at The Phoenician and we will tour the resort for the Cavour guide. This is a 4-star resort designed to be 5-star, but misses the mark on crucial details. Here we are at the main entrance well this is the Portico this is where you would valet so this Courtyard you'll pull into to valet and go to the front desk to check in you've already come in through a main entrance pass the golf course up a nice long Landscapes driveway and this is where you'll arrive will arrive up here to follow your vehicle to check another self parking Beacon Valley there's a cost for both of you for both and now this this hotel used to be five stars it's four stars now and there is a five-star part of the resort you'll see a sign here face coverings required in public areas and we've gone to the doors and we're in the lobby and we're just doing a quick panning of the inside so you walk in at the front desk to the left there still holiday season decor and this is a great room type area there's actually high tea on weekends or maybe Friday Saturday Sunday and all this sitting area is basically for this Lounge this is called the Thirsty Camel there's a night shot of it and the bar was very busy when it was open it's really nice it's nice and bright wonderful view in the background and you can sit and order something from the service. That's attending to this Lounge that's looking back for the valley again and there's a nice Terrace patio right outside the windows this is behind the bar we're just looking at and now we're looking out here at the resort grounds courses has a massive property that's sitting at the base of the most prominent landmark in the area in the and that is Camelback Mountain and you'll see some more pictures of it will will get footage of everything in this and that store and we're looking down at the pool there's actually three levels of pool this is the main or top-level the pool and those are the other rooms but we'll see all the pools just checked in the probably getting one of these elevators here there's a list and sanitation stand little sanitary hand sanitizer dispenser which is important now considering the circumstances what come over here comes the escalators will go down later but those lead to conference rooms or ballrooms Convention Center To Call It Whatever the purpose is now we're just going to take a quick walk down this road shops you can buy clothing and guess and Sundries this is a little car rental place have Hank but it was closed actually a decent variety really nice variety and some nice products that leaves out those doors lead out to that valet area that we began at so I suppose you don't at all area watch riding here if you just wanted to go in one of these shops directly I have different team stops this kind of like a I guess intend to be a more younger at your type shop and then of course something a little bit more traditional and turns of clothing and here's the marketplace in this is a cafe you can get a breakfast sandwich a snack coffee it closed at noon which is disappointing and I'm not sure if that was due to the pandemic speaking in the kitchen of the market place where they prepare those sandwiches more gifts random Sundries in here at the end there's a kids club called the Phoenicians spelled f u n Phoenician escalators that we looked at a few minutes ago and it leads to a rather elegant Convention Center area this is a wing of the hotel will the other way private but very expensive in terms of space the theme of this hotel or this Resort it's a 5-star property that is for whatever reason operating at 4 stars all the infrastructures their everything's there but they're the small details that are being mist and to get 5 stars you really it's it's so details and having the right staff and the right amount of staff that tends to those details that make all the difference because in terms of the the larger elements and components of getting 5 Stars it's all it's all here but there's some pieces missing now this is the other side of the lobby and here's another set of elevators going up two rooms cuz we just walk down to the left of the lobby now we're walking to the right and we're picking in this is next to the great room for again high tea is served on the weekend

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