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Terranea Tour: The resort where Tiger Woods stays in Rancho Palos Verdes on California's LA coast

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It’s only been a few weeks since our luxurious stay at Pelican Hill in Newport Beach, but now we’re back on the California coast to crash at another c...

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It’s only been a few weeks since our luxurious stay at Pelican Hill in Newport Beach, but now we’re back on the California coast to crash at another celebrity favorite, 5-star resort: Terranea. Situated on more than 100 prime acres along the southernmost tip of LA county, Terranea promises to provide endless relaxation, excitement, and a massive roster of experiences in between. We’re using our Inspirato Pass membership to book 5 days in a 2-bedroom villa overlooking the Pacific Ocean, so let’s jump in.

We should acknowledge that every meal we’ve had on this trip—aside from our day on Catalina Island—has been on the Terranea resort grounds. And that’s not because we decided to settle. As major foodies, we were able to find all the restaurant quality and variety we could ever ask for without having to venture into town. The dining program here is fantastic, from French fries to filet mignon—and that’s one great benefit Terranea has over Pelican Hill, which even in summer of 2022 still hadn’t re-opened their best restaurants following covid.

Golf is in Terranea’s DNA and not just because this is the 5-star resort where Tiger Woods was staying—and driving from—the morning of his unfortunate car accident last year. The Links may be a relatively simple 9-hole, par 3 course, but what it lacks in size and difficulty it makes up for in stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island. This is a course that you can enjoy at a different level, having fun with friends and a beverage in hand.


0:00 Intro
0:34 Getting to Terranea Resort from LAX
1:24 Touring our 2-Bedroom Oceanview Villa
5:49 Dinner at Mar'Sel
8:58 Morning Routine at Sea Beans cafe and the Spa Fitness Center
10:48 Resort Pool
12:05 Lunch at Bashi
13:08 Resort History and Grounds Tour
15:49 Lexus Drive Demo
16:44 Dinner at Catalina Kitchen
17:02 Lunch at Nelson's
18:09 Anniversary Cake from the Bake Shop
19:22 Conclusion

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