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Join Danny on a full walkthrough tour of a Sweet Aft Suite aboard the beautiful Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady. You all know this is Danny's favorite loc...

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Join Danny on a full walkthrough tour of a Sweet Aft Suite aboard the beautiful Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady. You all know this is Danny's favorite location on the ship, and these are a great way to enjoy that "wake view" as you explore the world. Included are all of those Rockstar amenities that will take your cruise to the next level!

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Take in the uninterrupted sea views at the terrace champagne table from the biggest and highest terrace of all our Sweet Aft Suites. Don’t forget about that sea view shower window though.

Sleeps: 2
Suite; 236 sq ft
Terrace 180-425 sq ft

Bookable in three different sizes (Pretty Big Terrace, Even Bigger Terrace, and Biggest Terrace) the room is the same size, the terrace is larger the higher you are.

RockStar Quarters are where luxury yachting meets rock and roll royalty. Accents of brass and slabs of marble guide you to spacious stargazing terraces, and every detail of these suites serves to celebrate the romance of the open ocean.

Our suites were conceptualized by world-renowned designer, Tom Dixon — describing Grace Jones as the muse for these gorgeous suites.

With exclusive access throughout the ship, private transfers, RockStar Agents and incredible amenities — when you’re a RockStar, there’s no part of the ship that isn’t yours. Modern, yacht-inspired aesthetic and clever cabin technology make for more than just a space to live (or sleep).

Early booking & priority access
Be the first to book and get prime access to our eateries, events, or experiences — any and all of our onboard and offshore experiences.

Richard’s Rooftop access
RockStar status unlocks our members-only sundeck filled with panoramic ocean views, lavish cocktail hours and late-night parties under the stars.

Glam Area
Because there’s nothing more important than having space to get gorgeous.

Mood Lighting
Transforming cabin technology that allows the lighting to fit your ever-changing mood.

Red Flower
Shower products and amenities with natural ingredients that promote health and environmental consciousness.

Roomy Rainshower
Gorgeous space to rinse off and unwind from the day’s (and night’s) activities.

Large Flat-Screen HDTV
For mornings meant for recovery and catching up on all of your favorites shows.

Terrace Hammock
Hand-woven by mothers in Thailand, they’re as comfy as they are good for the world.

RockStar Agents
24/7 access to our team of RockStar Agents ready to satisfy any and all of your needs and wants — before you even step aboard the ship.

Select beverages on us
Choose from a selection of drink options for the bar in your suite, so you can sip while gazing out at the sea on your terrace as soon as you arrive.

2am cravings? Designed around your schedule means that our delivery service won't stop, can't stop. #NoStomachLeftBehind

A Michelin-starred chef collective creates incredible onboard dining experiences.
More than 20+ distinctive and delicious specialty eateries bring fresh ingredients and made to order cooking together to crush any craving. Here’s a taste of what to expect from our foodie approved eateries..

For the 'do nothings', 'do some things' and the 'do literally everythings' (you know who you are), we have a way to sweat that suits you. From sun-rise yoga to outdoor boxing, meditation to HIIT workouts, and even specifically curated hikes at our ports, our approach to working out is that it works for you. If you just want to sweat it out take a run around our outdoor jogging track. We definitely won't judge.

Whether your idea of relaxation is a sun salutation or a hot stone massage, you're about to get it OMMM (lol we know). A cross between a week spent in Bali and 2 hours at a cafe in Amsterdam, Redemption spa is a haven of tranquility and self-preservation. Get dirty in the mudroom, let the sauna cleanse you, or spend an entire afternoon floating from hot stone massage to seaweed wrap until you've aged backwards.

And There IS MORE!

Group workouts
All our fitness classes are included. In fact, the only currency we accept is sweat. And if you're "not a sweaty person," lie about it for the sake of the rest of us.

Fresh pressed juices
A ginger-lemon-banana-kale-acai-tumeric-protein booster? Wow, we know you so well. Stop by our juice bars, or we can deliver it right to you post-workout.

Squid Ink
Really no better way to immortalize your trip at sea than with a tat. Skull and bones or a very cute English bulldog cuddling a tiny cat? Our tattoo artists gotchu.
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