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Sweden Visa Process

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Sweden Tourist Visa for Indians - Application and Requirements A trip to Scandinavia remains incomplete without a jaunt to Sweden. Sweden is one of th...

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Sweden Tourist Visa for Indians - Application and Requirements
A trip to Scandinavia remains incomplete without a jaunt to Sweden. Sweden is one of the Scandinavian countries blessed with majestic lakes, unspoiled landscapes, mind-blowing history, and many other hidden gems. Get a dose of the amazing Nordic culture and Swedish highlights through a Sweden tourist visa. If you are planning a pleasure trip to Sweden and you belong to a non-EU country, you may require a visa based on your nationality. Travelers holding Indian passports must hold a valid Sweden visa to visit the country for a vacation or visiting relatives. The travel to Europe escalates with a jolt, boosting the rise in demand for a Schengen visa. In the handy guide, we will discuss more in detail about Schengen visas and the other aspect of the visa application process for Indian nationals.
Perched on almost the Northern fringes of the European continent, Sweden occupies a dominant part. Wandering around the major cities, exploring the islands, visiting the museums are some of the fun activities you can indulge in Sweden. There is plenty to do and see in this country the most striking being the stunning waterside in Stockholm. The photogenic surrounding all around strikes the creative cord of an avid traveler with a penchant for photography. Vacationers are spoilt with wide-ranging choices from island hopping to staying in local hamlets in a quaint location. Make the most out of your Swedish trip, see the northern lights, go for hiking trails, gorge on the local cuisines and enjoy to your heart’s content. Not sure where to start? The prelude to any Schengen visa application starts with the documentation and our post will lead you very soon to a storehouse of helpful visa information.

What is a Sweden Tourist visa?
Sweden tourist visa also commonly termed as Schengen visa allows an individual to enter the country for the purpose of tourism or visiting their kin and kith. The tourist visa comes under Schengen short stay Type C visa. The short stay Schengen visa is generally valid for a maximum duration of 3 months. However, the Embassy on an average grants the visa in accordance with the entry and exit date of an applicant’s travel to the Schengen countries. Short stay Schengen visas are generally not granted beyond 90 days unless the applicant is faced with some critical situation.

Sweden Visa Document Requirements
It is important to know the prerequisites for a Sweden visa application process. Gathering the vital visa documents related to your personal, professional and financial background set forth the preface to your Schengen visa. Apart from this, downloading the form from the relevant source along with the official checklist is prudent. Following the checklist, begin your look out for the documents as soon as possible. It is prudent to verify every bit of the documentation right from form filling, covering letters to the documents you have collected. Search even for the minor gaffes in the documents before the submission. Once the submission is done nothing can be changed. Lodging the visa application with erroneous information is certainly not desirable and can adversely impact your Sweden tourist visa application. After gathering all the documents and arrange them in the order mentioned in the official document checklist. The more you organize yourself the better you can execute the application without leaving room for any errors. Schengen Embassies are known for their stern handling of visa applications. Even the slightest doubt at their end can trigger unexpected situations like a personal interview, request for additional documents or worst a visa rejection. With a slight caution, you can overcome all the difficulties and successfully lodge your Sweden visa application.
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