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Studying in Amsterdam? | 10 Things You Need to Know

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Welcome to Onwards & Upwards! Do you want to study in Amsterdam? Are you applying for an exchange program (Erasmus, Turing, CSEP, etc) to do a year ab...

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Welcome to Onwards & Upwards! Do you want to study in Amsterdam? Are you applying for an exchange program (Erasmus, Turing, CSEP, etc) to do a year abroad or a semester in Amsterdam? If so, you've come to the right place.

In this video I explain what I believe are 10 important things you should know if you are considering doing an exchange program or degree in Amsterdam. Lots of my tips involve maximizing the value of your social experience, sort your intentions and expectations about coming to Amsterdam, as well as advice to live a cheaper life as a student out there. The whole list of items in order, without a timestamp (far too much work), are as follows:

1) You'll enjoy yourself much more if you're social and don't make the change too much about studying or achieving very high grades in university. There are many exceptions to this, depending on your life context and living situation.

2) Invest in a good bike, it will be worth it.

3) Take advantage of the good weather still you can, since it passes quickly and the winters are long, somber, chilly, and windy in the Netherlands/Holland, as well as in Amsterdam in particular.

4) Be wary of the general expensiveness of Amsterdam, particularly the city centre. Eat shared meals with friends at home, go to restaurants in smaller villages, or in areas of Amsterdam outside of the Netherlands. Just save the steep cost of alcohol and meals in central Amsterdam for special occasions.

5) Buy 49c (in Euros) beer from Jumbo and Aldi, although the Aldi one is much better. Also, get a 1L bottle of water and remember to bring snacks when going on day-trips to bring around the city when heading into Amsterdam or other Dutch cities and towns.

6) Spend about 60 euro on a Museumcard (museumkaart), which has access to the Rijksmuseum (the national museum of the Netherlands), the Van Gogh Museum, the Anne Frank House, and many more including museums in other cities around the Netherlands.

7) Get the OV Chipcard (OV-chipkaart) to pay less for public transport such as the trams, buses, and metro. If you are doing your full degree in the Netherlands, you are entitled to free public transport. Look into it.

8) In Uilenstede and other international student campuses have Europeans and students from all around the world. However, they don't have Dutch people living there. If you want to meet and possibly make some Dutch friends, talk to people in your modules/courses in the university and outside as well.

9) There is a student housing crisis in the Netherlands -- where you live is paramount. Uilenstede Campus is the largest student residence in all of Europe with thousands of students calling it home, and it is located a 20-30 minute bicycle ride away to the Museumplein in the centre. Uilenstede housing is supported by government subsidies so the price is better than anywhere else you are likely to find, and the social aspects of living there are superb. Other residences or student halls can be great as well, but more expensive, like the Student Hotel.

Honourable Mention: Dutch desserts are amazing. Make sure to eat some Stroopwafels, waffels, wine gums, Spekkoek (A Layered Spice Cake), delicious cream cakes, and Appelflappen (Apple Beignets).

10) Take adventure of cheap travel around Europe from budget-airlines like
Ryanair, Wizzair, EasyJet, and so on. Why not take a trip out to Italy, Spain, Hungary, or France? And with such good company, you can't go wrong.

You'll have a great time in Amsterdam.

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