Spoleto, Umbria, Italy pedestrian lanes passeggiata

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We are visiting Umbria in Italy, traveling by train to the city of Spoleto where we are going to spend some quality time on the main pedestrian Street...

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We are visiting Umbria in Italy, traveling by train to the city of Spoleto where we are going to spend some quality time on the main pedestrian Street showing you the people the shops and the grand tradition of the passeggiata the evening stroll. You'll also find out how to play tennis with your feet using a soccer ball.

The province of Umbria is located in central Italy, with many fine towns in one of the most interesting is Spoleto easy to reach because it's connected along one of the main lines of the Italian rail system, which is always a comfortable way to travel or you could drive a car and you'll find plenty of public parking lots in the city.

Some of the nice little towns in Umbria are not connected by train you how to get there by bus and that works out okay. Also, but here take the train and when you get out of the train station you step right in front and there are shuttle buses that will take you to the old town.

This video was photographed during the off-season, in the month of November, which turned out to be a great time to be here in Spoleto because the weather was still quite mild, just jacket weather. Even in the evening.

And there were no other tourists are you going to be walking along the main lane here at a peak time of day, and you'll notice while there are plenty of people out strolling. There do not seem to be any other tourists here, except for me who is taking the pictures.

So that is quite nice and refreshing in this day and age of over-tourism where really popular cities get super crowded places like Florence and Siena in this central Italy area are very popular and wonderful places to see, but other towns like Spoleto which are also really quite attractive and a fine destination to visit just are not crowded with tourists.

At this time of year in Italy. The twilight arrives fairly early in the evening and as that happens, more people come out for the stroll. It's the classic passeggiata.

The Italian parade of people just strolling along at a leisurely pace doing a little window shopping. It's a big pastime in Italy. Come on out dress up see your friends say hello catch up on the latest news.

People of all ages take part in this sociable performance from the youngest babies in their strollers to the oldest members of the community some of them just take it in from the sidelines.

All too often we fly through our lives as if there is no tomorrow in some kind of supersonic speed, but here in Italy in the evening and the passeggiata people are not in a hurry they are just slow down and relax.

It's a fun way to fill some time after work and before dinner, and while some snack shops and pizzerias are open this early. It's not really a time for dinner yet that comes afterward.

Spoleto, Umbria, Italy pedestrian lanes passeggiata