Sizilien Bahnfahrt/Trainride um den Ätna Etna 2020-10-06

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Translation of my comment see above Von unserem Hotel in der Nähe von Catania fahren wir eine kurze, aber dank Navy merkwürdige Strecke zum Bahnhof Gi...

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Translation of my comment see above
Von unserem Hotel in der Nähe von Catania fahren wir eine kurze, aber dank Navy merkwürdige Strecke zum Bahnhof Giarre der Ferrovia Circum-etnea Die Bahn fährt eine Station vorher in Riposto los, bloß gibt es da keine Parkplätze. Neben der 950 mm Schmalspurbahn fährt auch die Bahn der italienischen Staatsbahn auf einem separaten Bahnhof ein. Hier kommen wir abends wieder an. 111 km ist die Strecke lang. Man muss einmal in Randazzo umsteigen.
Die Bahn endet in Catania Borgo.
Ich habe einige Dinge im Film kommentiert. Wer mal nach Sizilien kommt, sollte diese Fahrt nicht vermissen.

From our hotel near Catania we drive a shortroute to the station Giarre of Ferrovia Circum-etnea The train starts one stop before in Riposto, but there is no parking slot for the bus. Near by the 950 mm narrow-gauge railway, the Italian State Railways (Trenitalia) also arrive at a separate platform. There we come back in the evening. The route is 111 km long. You have to change the train once in Randazzo.
The train ends in Catania Borgo.
Our train arrives on time. Each of our small travel groups has its own window that can be opened. At first, the station buildings look similar.
There are also toilets at the stations on this lines.
Since the train sometimes goes very fast, it is difficult to react to things worth seeing in good time, so scenes that are sometimes too short
The train ends at Randazzo station. We have to change. Our train will continue in about 1 hour. This is called a coordinated timetable. Also a train from the other direction arive. Both railcars are parked in the shed.
Our railcar to Borgo is ready. It's nice that we see three different types of railcars here. Later some stations does not match the architectural style of the other stations. The train drive to a new tunnel system from 2011 to 2015. The train now switched several times between outside and underground.In Borgo many students are already standing around for the return journey.We're going down to the metro. The branch to the port is currently not served. We walk a bit through the old town of Cantana, then go back to the main train station. We buy a day pass for the metro and drive around. A one-way ticket costs € 1, - the day ticket € 2, -. They plan to expent the metro to the airport. The electronic displays are often not correct. The train usually arrives earlier. Wego back to the train station to meet the rest of our group in the late afternoon. The gauge of the steam locomotive on the display is 950 mm. We are now taking the regular train back to the starting station this morning. I am always happy when railways have been co-financed by the EU.
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