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Hold My Miso because we're going to a Tokyo hidden gem restaurant in Ginza. Squarespace - Use my link and Get 10% off today! - http://squarespace.com/...

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Hold My Miso because we're going to a Tokyo hidden gem restaurant in Ginza.
Squarespace - Use my link and Get 10% off today! - http://squarespace.com/paolofromtokyo

In this Tokyo Food tour we visit a rare Japanese charcoal grill Irori cuisine restaurant named Robata famous for the Ise Ebi course. I take you on a full tour of the Japanese food course. I consider this one of the best Tokyo food experiences as you can see the Japanese food being prepared right in front of you. The irori style of cooking could be considered Japanese BBQ as they cook over an open family.

Hold My Miso is series that takes you on a Japanese food tour highlighting hidden foods spots in Tokyo and Japan as well as hidden gem restaurants that not a lot of international media cover, but is popular amongst locals. I want to shine a light on these unique restaurants to show viewers spots off the beaten path and away from the standard tourist trap restaurants. Please enjoy this Tokyo food Guide and Japan food guide series. So Hold My Miso, while I take you to the next food spot!

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