Procedure for Joining Ship During COVID Pandemic | Flight Experience and Quarantine Rules Explained

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This video is about Procedure for Joining Ship During COVID Pandemic | Flight Experience & Quarantine Rules Explained Despite the ongoing lock down, t...

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This video is about Procedure for Joining Ship During COVID Pandemic | Flight Experience & Quarantine Rules Explained

Despite the ongoing lock down, taxis and cabs are allowed to operate and it wasn't difficult to get one on my way to the airport. Masks are mandatory.

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There were many police check points on the way to the airport. I just showed my flight ticket and police didn't ask anything further. Note that, depending on the traffic, it can take even 10-15 mins to clear each check point, so, plan your ride to the airport with sufficient time buffer! With hardly any traffic on road otherwise, the rest of the ride was smooth and I was at the airport well in time!

I also wanted to reach there earlier than usual as I had to do my RT-PCR test. Note that QR code is mandatory on the report ONLY if you're flying out from India.

At the airport, the covid norms about social distancing and masks are very well implemented! And in case you need to print the boarding pass, that's contact less too! Really nice! Having a hard copy of the documents is better because, when requested, you can just hand over the documents instead of your phone or tablet for example!

With only a few flights operating, there were only a handful of people inside the airport! Restaurants selling snacks and coffee are open as well. Check-in process seemed like a breeze due to the few number of passengers! oh! by the way, this first one is actually a domestic flight to Mumbai, so, only my photo ID and RTPCR test report was checked here...

Many of the seats are blocked to maintain social distancing, so, it took me a while to find a place to sit comfortably.

Speaking of food, I got something from myself from the airport lounge. Yes, they are open but only take away is available i.e. no dine-in. I also saw sensor based contactless water bottle re-filling stations! It's such a fantastic initiative during this pandemic.

The boarding area had the same seating and covid social distancing norms in place and it all felt very well organized! However, as soon as the boarding began, it seems people forgot about Covid!

I found a way around the crowd and tried to avoid them as much as I could while fixing my PPE and getting ready to board! As expected, most of the flights flying these days are not fully full. Some final adjustment to the face shield and we are ready for the take off! It was a 1 hour flight and a quick nap later, I could already see Mumbai outside the window!

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