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Hello everyone, welcome to my channel Pattaya Travel Now in video content. no further discussion It is an independent walking tour. The video will be ...

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Hello everyone, welcome to my channel Pattaya Travel Now in video content. no further discussion It is an independent walking tour. The video will be updated at 2:00 AM Thailand time every night. if you like my video Please subscribe to my everyone in the world who wants to travel in Thailand and Pattaya. but did not visit when you watch my video You will feel like in Thailand and walking in this Pattaya city, yes it's good for you. Because I do it for you. Thank you all.

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⬇️ Chapter

0:00 Intro

0:10 Red light intersection, Sai Song, Pattaya

01:00 Soi 14 Pattaya Sai Song to walking street Pattaya

03:18 Grand Hotel

04:01 Walking street Pattaya

04:30 King Seafood Restaurant

04:49 Soi 15, Sai Song, Pattaya

08:54 Family Mart walking street Pattaya

09:32 Nang Nuan Seafood Restaurant

10:00 Soi 16 Soi Song Pattaya

14:41 Community shops selling souvenirs

15:00 community coffee shop

16:55 Bali Hai Pier, Pattaya City

19:07 people who have suffered from the spread of germs Waiting to receive food free for everyone

20:24 Laem Bali Hai Pier Beach

25:00 Beach Road, Laem Bali Hai Pier

25:23 youth skateboard shop

26:46 fast moving unit Marine Rescue, Pattaya City

29:12 Area for anglers, Laem Bali Hai Pier, Pattaya City

30:02 Fisherman's work

32:01 The way up to Khao So Or Ro 5 or Pratumnak Hill

38:15 Royal Cliff Garden Condominium Pattaya

42:59 pattaya Exhibition And Convention Hall(PEACH)

47:52 Royal Cliff Group Hotel Pattaya

52:05 Kasetsin Road

56:45 Phratamnak Hill Intersection and Phrabat Hill, Pattaya City

58:00 Walk up Pratumnak Hill or Khao Sor Tor rho 5 to see the highest viewpoint in Pattaya.

01:03:30 I walked up and got very tired, we went to visit. Let's see the view of Pattaya city.

01:04:06 Write your name and phone number at the screening point for germs. Press to go inside.

01:05:29 For tourists who come to see this place and who intend to pay homage to Luang Pho Kromma Luang Chumphon Khet Udomsak, where the base company is located, there will be flowers, incense sticks and candles for tourists to buy back and forth to pay homage to blessings from. Lord

01:07:22 Khao Pratumnak Viewpoint is a favorite of tourists all over the world who have come to visit Pattaya and will come up to the area. Take a look at the view to take a photo and video to remember that once I had already stood at this point.

01:08:12 Let's pay respect to Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udomsak together. All aunts. I will ask you to bless me to have 10,000 friends and friends to follow in my channel. Within this year, I will bring flowers, incense and candles to fix the top. In the new year

01:08:53 Place for fireworks

01:10:00 for taking pictures

01:11:47 remote viewing camera Just put 10 baht coins into the machine and it will work immediately. You will be able to see the distance of who is in front of you, that is the whole city of Pattaya and the heart of Pattaya beach.

01:12:10 If you travel to Pattaya alone, it will be like this.

01:13:32 Today is Saturday, many tourists come to visit.

01:15:06 I'll walk you down to a meeting on the other side of Pratumnak Hill.

01:19:30 The way downhill is very dangerous, tourists should drive with caution.

01:20:53 free parking bridge

01:20:36 Toilets for the disabled and tourists are available for bathing at 20 baht.

01:24:11 area for tourists Take photos and videos before going up the mountain.

01:25:37 We'll walk down the hill

01:28:37 The way up and down Pratumnak Hill is very dangerous, tourists should drive with caution, especially when it rains, the road will be slippery.

01:36:08 Five Red Light Intersection, Pratumnak Road and Second Road, Pattaya

01:38:41 Second Road, Pattaya

01:46:59 Second Road, Pattaya

01:47:22 VC Hotel Pattaya

01:50:24 Sai Song Pattaya Soi 16 (or Soi Wat Sikh)……..Eading

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▶️ Pattaya Travel Now Status Damaged beach after heavy rain September 9,2021

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Thank you to everyone who came to watch my video so that you don't miss the new video I upload. I want you to subscribe, press like, press share. See you in the next video. God bless everyone. Bye
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