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Pahalgam | Kashmir 2022 | Pahalgam tour plan | Pahalgam sightseeing | Explorer Shibaji in Kashmir

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#pahalgam #kashmir #tour #indiantourisn Pahalgam is one of the most beautiful places in Jammu & Kashmir. Explorer Shibaji and Prithwijit visited Pahal...

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#pahalgam #kashmir #tour #indiantourisn
Pahalgam is one of the most beautiful places in Jammu & Kashmir.

Explorer Shibaji and Prithwijit visited Pahalgam in the second week of
May, 2022. In this video viewers will get clear idea about how to visit places in and around Pahalgam.
Places to visit in and around Pahalgam:
1. Baisaran
2. Duno Valley
3. Aru Valley
4. Betaab Valley
5. Chandanwari

Pahalgam tour plan:
Visit Duno Valley and Baisaran by horse / Pony in the morning after having breakfast. Then after completing breakfast hire cab and visit Aru Valley, Betaab Valley and Chandanwari.

For Baisaran and Duno valley hire pony / horse, will cost around 2500 per pony, this may go up or down depending on demand and season. For Aru Valley, Betaab Valley and Chandanwari hire cab, charges for the cab varies depending the type of the cab, should be between 3000 and 4500.

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