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On the Spectrum @ Magic Kingdom Park - Disability Access After COVID

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DATE: (Oct 10, 2020) Day 89 of our 100-day adventure, where took our family-with-autism on a road trip through 23 states during COVID-19. Months befor...

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DATE: (Oct 10, 2020) Day 89 of our 100-day adventure, where took our family-with-autism on a road trip through 23 states during COVID-19. Months before the coronavirus surfaced, our family had planned a 6-day trip to Walt Disney World. We are a family with a handful of special needs, but specifically, we needed Disney's help to tailor special accommodations for our 10-year old autistic son. As we all know, COVID-19 restrictions caused all Walt Disney World Resorts to temporarily close, which occurred during our scheduled vacation. We rescheduled the dates for October 2020, but found many of Disney's rules and restrictions had changed considerably.

PASSES, PAST & PRESENT: In 2019, we had a successful experience at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure with three-day Park Hopper Passes. As the name suggests, the Park Hopper passes allowed you to jump, back-and-forth, between the neighboring parks throughout the day. We discovered that we could use Disney's FastPass and the DAS Pass concurrently to limit the amount of time in long, crowed lines. Between the two passes, we could reserve ride times using the Disneyland App at one park while enjoying a ride, or just eating, in the other park. Just so you're aware, as of Walt Disney Resorts reopening, both the Park Hopper and FastPass options have been phased out. However, the DAS Pass remains, albeit slightly modified. Walt Disney World's prior implementation of the Park Hopper and Fastpass was different than Disneyland, but regardless...they're no longer valid. Let's move on and learn more about DAS.

OUR POSITIVE EXPERIENCE WITH DISNEY'S DAS PASS: To determine DAS eligibility, the person in question, and their complete party, must visit a guest relations representative in one of their offices in each park. This is generally done on the guest's first day visit, and does not need to be repeated if visiting another park or on follow-on days. Guest relations offices can easily be found near the entrance of each park. The guest relations representatives wear navy blue with plaid clothing, so they are easy to spot at their large, blue umbrellas which set further in the parks. If you or a your family member is deemed eligible, the Disney Guest Relations representative will tailor accommodations specific for your needs. We have sometimes have trouble sitting still when waiting in a line of people for any length of time. This posed an extra challenge, as social distancing is required while waiting in any line or queue. Levi was granted a virtual queue pass, which allowed the five of us to check in to most desired rides and receive a return time to avoid the line.

Disney Parks Disability Access Service Card Fact Sheet:

OUR DAY AT MAGIC KINGDOM PARK: Magic Kingdom was our last stop in our six-day visit at Disney World. We had already visited Disney's Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and EPCOT. Being a Saturday, we didn't know just how many attractions we would experience - but we ended up riding and seeing everything we had on our list. We boarded the water taxi early to be ferried from Disney's Wilderness Resort directly to the entrance of Magic Kingdom.

We start with Pixie's Vlog, which is cute and somewhat informative. She mentions a ride that is soon to close and become a "frog thing." That's Splash Mountain, which is scheduled to be re-imagined as a Princess and the Frog theme next year. We end up riding all the "Mountain" roller coasters that day (Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain and Space Mountain). Mom and Pixie join in for Splash Mountain, but couldn't hang with the faster coasters. We also visited the Hall of Presidents to see all 45 presidents as animatronics - from George Washington to Donald Trump. In Tomorrowland, we rode Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin and the kids rode the Space Orbiter. Lilly and Dad teamed up to ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, which was a little more intense than Big Thunder Mountain.

All videos and stills captured by members of the family, via IPhone 11 Pro Max, Pixel 4 XL, GroPro Hero 7, and the kids' Canon IVY Recs. Edited on IMovie App and Final Cut Pro X.

Music and sound effects are used under licensed permission of Storyblocks and/or IMovie.
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