Nag Lakwatsa, Nag-Ibang Bansa sa UK | Tour of London England | Pwede Na Lumibot ng Great Britain

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0:00 Introduction 01:38 Schiphol Amsterdam Airport 03:25 London Heathrow Airport (UK) 04:50 London Marriott Hotel County Hall 06:20 London Eye at Nigh...

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0:00 Introduction
01:38 Schiphol Amsterdam Airport
03:25 London Heathrow Airport (UK)
04:50 London Marriott Hotel County Hall
06:20 London Eye at Night
07:30 West Minster
08:03 St. James Park
08:13 Buckingham Palace
10:49 Trafalgar
12:31 River Thames
12:47 St. Paul's Cathedral
14:10 London Bridge
14:40 Tower Bridge
15:33 Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio
15:55 W London Hotel by Marriott (Leicester)
17:59 Leicester Square
18:11 Jollibee London - Leicester
18:23 Picadilly Circus London

A sunny weekend spent in London. I flew from Amsterdam to London to see my friends after a year of no road trip with them due to the pandemic. There are so many covid regulations just to fly to London from the Netherlands. But it is all worth it after having a great time in the city.

First day, I stayed in Marriott London County Hall. A beautiful hotel situated in the South Bank, steps away from Westminster Bridge. The Hotel is right in London's former City Hall. I had a room with direct view of the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and the London Eye. Upon checked in, I was welcomed by the receptionist with a glass of champagne.

Early morning, I went on a long walk from the Westminster to the London Bridge along the river thames. I visited the Buckingham Palace by walking through the Saint James Park. I passed by also the Trafalgar where there was so much people queuing for a West End concert. From Trafalgar, I walked back to the River thames route passing the Saint Paul's Cathedral and crossing the walk bridge across the Shakespeare Theatre. I stopped for a cup of coffee and walked further to the Tower Bridge. It took me almost 2 hrs to reach the bridge from where I started. Afterwards, I thought of taking the tube unfortunately, the line going to Westminster was not running due to renovation. So I took a bus which was also a good experience as you see more of the city specially sitting on the top level of the double decker bus.

I left the hotel and went straight to my friends' place to spend the rest of the day partying with them.

After a lot of drinking with my friends and sooooo much talking, catching up with each other...we went to Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio in Watford. It is in the North and outskirt of London. The plan was that we are all going there by train, but it was difficult for us because there are so much busses, tube and train delays due to repairs. So we decided to rent a car at Hertz in London City Airport. We had so much fun at the Harry Potter Studio. The ticket per person was around 45Sterling Pounds, and that we have to reserve the buy the ticket a month in advance. It was my first time, I enjoyed it a lot. I think will go back there again and bring my nephews and nieces to see the place.

After the tour, we were invited to one of my friends house to have a wonderful dinner. I retired for the day at W London Hotel located in Soho. W London is a 5 star hotel by Marriott situated right in the pulse of London's energetic social scene, this is where louder-than-life Soho mixed with the glitzy West End. I like the feel of the hotel, not my usual room that I stayed before. I felt like bringing the party right in my room. I had even a disco ball in front of my bed.

Next day, I have to fly back to Amsterdam. My flight was with British Airway at London Heathrow International Airport. Before proceeding to the airport, I had my lunch at Jollibee which is just across the hotel in the Leicester Square. Oh, I missed so much Chicken Joy, the famous fried chicken of Jollibee. I brought even some of the chickens to Amsterdam.

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