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#MSC Meraviglia Ship visit

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#MSCMeraviglia Ship visit Can you imagine anything better than travelling in cruises all around the seven seas, spending your time on the board of fiv...

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#MSCMeraviglia Ship visit
Can you imagine anything better than travelling in cruises all around the seven seas, spending your time on the board of five star liners all the time?
Travelling is the industry of 8 trillion dollars per year.
Moreover, cruises are the most fast-growing segment in tourism, and it’s growing 22% faster than the other industries.
We have our own online booking cruises system worldwide.
Just the same way as you can reserve any hotel or hostel on booking.com, you can pick any destination all over the world and book any cruise you’d like on incruises.com
We are ready to give you more than five thousand directions in a click.
We have fifteen top world cruise lines partners for now. And the sixteen is coming)
So what is the Cruise?

Actually, the cruise liner is your personal all inclusive hotel on water with its own infrastructure, food, entertainments and accommodation. During one trip, you are able to visit several countries and cities by comfortable liners.
During the daytime, you can walk down the city and take a look all around the place you stay at. And in the evening when your liner floats to the next city, you can spend your time by using all conveniences the liner gives you: such as theatre,dancing master-classes, discos and etcetera.
There are different kinds of liners we have to suggest: special ones for the families with kids, for young generations and adults, mixed ages.
Today I’d like to tell you how to travel for less, to receive smart bonuses for your future trips and how to develop international and profitable business with our club.
You have two options of cooperation with the club: Client membership program and partner membership program, which is actually partnership.

To become the client/member you have to open the saving account in our club, monthly filling it up for $100. Every time you pay $100, you’ll charge 200 cruise dollars.
Cruise dollars - it is the patented currency of the club which is accepted by all cruise lines for booking of cruises. So using cruise dollars we can buy cruises.
As the company doubles each of your dollar, there are some conditions you have to follow. The first year of your membership you can use 60% of the saved-up means. For the second year it is already 70%, the third year it’s 80%, the fourth year it’s 90% and from the 49th month it is already 100% of your savings.
Thus, the more you stay in our club the more privileges you get. Our club is interested in favorite loyal and regular customers.
The main mission of the club – to give people a chance to see the world in 5 years.
For example:if you have 10 months savings for your rest you paid $1000, 2000 cruise dollars appeared at your account.
You can use 60% from 2000 cruise$- these are 1200 cruise dollars.
40% that left(800 cruise dollars) are PRESENTED by the CLUB and remain for your next cruise.
When you return from your travel, everything was pleasant to you so you continue to accumulate for the next cruise and in the second year 70% will be available to you and so on while you stay. Since 49th month you have in access all 100% of your Cruise dollars.
In addition, for people who do not have a chance by any reason to save monthly $100 for their future vacation, we have a special offer!

If you want to travel for free, you need to become a client partner.
This package costs $ 295.
Of these, $ 100 is converted into $ 200 cruise for your cruise in your office, and $ 195 is the price of an affiliate license for the whole year, each year renewal of a license costs $ 95 per year.
When you attract five members or partners of the club once to the club, you get the opportunity to no longer accumulate $ 100 for your cruises, for the work done, the cruise club thanks you and from that moment the club will replenish 200 cruise dollars every month for your trips to your cruise account.

These 5 people can be both clients and partner clients.
Thus, in a year it will be 2400 cruise dollars. You can take up to 4-5 people on a cruise and pay them with cruise dollars from your account. They may not be members of the club, it is enough to have 1 account for the whole family.
Partners have privileges that are different from club customers: when the club refills your cruise account for membership trips for you for three consecutive months, you will be available all 100% of your cruise $ for your trips.You won’t need to wait for 5 years to have all your cruise money for 100%

To find out how you can travel not only profitably, but also for free, as well as to receive passive income, go https://grono.site/1Z7

If you have any questions, you can write to me by mail:
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