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Welcome to Flying Turtle Youtube Channel. Today we take you through Goa's best tourist place to visit - Miramar Beach, #Panjim City Miramar beach is l...

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Welcome to Flying Turtle Youtube Channel. Today we take you through Goa's best tourist place to visit - Miramar Beach, #Panjim City

Miramar beach is listed amongst the most popular beaches of Goa due to its location. Located in the Capital of Goa; it is very easily accessible by the tourists as well as the locals. This beach is also a hot spot to celebrate local festivals. Clean, filled with soft sand; it is quite a destination for evening walks and early morning strolls.

Things to do in Miramar Beach-
Its a locals den; so there is nothing much on the beach itself as far as water sports activities are concerned. However, near to it is the Cabo Raj Bhavan Hillock which is famous for it adventure activities. A place dedicated to water sports; you can enjoy the water sports here.

Walk, swim and play on the sand – that is something which locals as well as tourists like to do here. A number of local shops selling souvenir items are lined up in one corner of the beach. You can shop for local stuff here, but nothing exotic. If you wish to buy something different then you have to walk to the main market of Panjim.

Explore eating Goan food and cuisine in the local well – maintained eateries. Try these shops only if you have a tough stomach otherwise it is a good idea to have the food at your hotel or in Panjim. If you are trying out the local food; then go for GOA chaat whose taste is a little different from that of North India.

A lot of Clubs and Bars are there for binge drinking. If you are looking for a good night out party; then drive to Panjim or Dona Paula which offer better services, but at a little higher cost than the ones in Miramar Beach.

Shopping in #MiramarBeach-
Shopping is Miramar Beach means shopping for local stuff, including designer dresses, scarfs, hats, seashell bangles, jute shoes, artificial jewellery, showpieces and stuff like these. A lot of things like these are sold in the local beach side shops are sold here. For something exquisite, you will have to look into the shops of Panjim.

How to Reach Miramar Beach-
One can first reach Panjim; the Capital of Goa by air. From there one can then easily reach on foot to Mirmar beach. One can also hire a taxi or take a local bus to reach the beach. The nearest railway station is Karmali Railway Station about 12 kms away. Other stations are Margao and Vasco Da Gama railway stations. By road; the bus stand is just 3kms from the beach. It takes only 15 minutes to reach the beach by bus.

Tips for Traveller on #BestBeachesOfGoa - Miramar Beach-
The best thing to do here is take morning and evening walks and try out the local stuff like Shawarma and Bhel Puri which are sold here in every second shop. Other fast food items too are worth trying if you are not that cleanliness crazy. This beach is quite crowded with a number of local people coming here.

So, keep an eye on your pockets. It is a good idea to keep little cash and card . Do not carry too much cash with you. Always keep your kids close by, and do not allow them to go out of eye – sight. Try to keep your travel guide by your side to be on the safer side.

Nearby Attractions in Miramar Beach-
A lot of places are around Miramar beach. Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate is a beautiful church which one ought to see. This church is also known for its spiritual sense, location and wedding which are held here. The Goa State Museum is a second such place which is filled with Portuguese era furniture, ancient coins, glasses, Hindu and Jain sculptures, ages old dresses, knives and things like these. It's a heaven for those who love history and would like to more about Portuguese.

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