Meeting the Fall in Okutama - a day trip filled with forest and river magic

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Okutama is an area in the western end of the Tokyo metropolitan area that has mountains covered with dense green forests, rivers, waterfalls and lakes...

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Okutama is an area in the western end of the Tokyo metropolitan area that has mountains covered with dense green forests, rivers, waterfalls and lakes. It is a popular place for hiking, forest bathing and enjoying river sports like kayaking or fishing. This is a short video I made of my day trip to Okutama yesterday, September 10. The view of the river and the mountains was spectacular but they were not the only thing to delight the eyes and nurture the soul. I loved the sweet scent of moisture and green forest in the air, the sound of the running river below and the many signs of the approaching fall that I could see along my path. This will be a truly amazing place to visit in a couple of months and I am so going there again.
I find the country side around Tokyo so charming: the small villages, the vegetable and fruit tree gardens, the farmer markets where you can buy fresh produce, the old old houses that still exist - it is all so charming and so very Japanese yet they remind me of home too. It feels nice to feel this connection.
I hope you enjoy the video and that Ine day you can join me for n a hike there!

For this trip I drove but the area is easily accessible on the JR Ome line. I saw the train passing through the forest on the hills by the river - the bright orange cars looked very modern and new and the train moved fast! if you are interested in more information about the access message me and I will be happy to provide it.
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