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In this Marrakech Travel Guide, we share things to do in Marrakech Morocco, shopping Marrakech souks tips, when to visit Marrakech, things to do in Ma...

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In this Marrakech Travel Guide, we share things to do in Marrakech Morocco, shopping Marrakech souks tips, when to visit Marrakech, things to do in Marrakech at night, what to eat in Marrakech and more.

When to visit Marrakech

From March to May, expect sunny days whilst September to November is also a pleasant time to visit. Avoid the summer with temperatures reaching 45 degrees celsius.

December through to February is peak season in Morocco so avoid if you can, prices tend to be higher and resorts and restaurants are busier.

How to get around Marrakech

It is a big city and the easiest way to see all the sites is by taking a city tour. Get around the souks on foot or order taxis for long distance journeys. You can opt for a Tuk Tuk too but make sure you agree on a price before taking the ride.

What to eat in Marrakech

Head to Jemaa El-Fna Square for the best street food in the city - with Moroccan delicacies like crepes. Plus this market is monitored by the local health department so you feel safe when picking up street food.

Try some tasty Kebabs or barbecued Brochettes as well as the local tagine dishes, cooking in a pot of the same name.

Things to do in Marrakech

There are many things to do in Marrakech and here are the best sites in the city:

- Firstly, you will want to visit Medina. This is the old historic part of the city complete with cobblestoned lanes, bath houses and textile souks.

- Make sure you visit the incredible souks for some shopping and browsing, with different souks or markets around the city, you can pick up everything and anything, from spices to rug.

- If you love to hike, why not take a trip the Atlas Mountains for breathtaking views and an outdoor adventure.

- If dune bashing is more your thing, why not rent a car or hire a driver and head out to the Sahara desert to see this golden landscape whilst bashing through in a 4 by 4.

- The Koutoubia Mosque is worth visiting to appreciate the outside of the building.

A few more Marrakech travel tips before you visit:

- Make sure you carry small notes or change with you as many locals will expect money in exchange for any photos taken at souks.
- Agree on prices before you get into a tuk tuk or taxi. You can check with your hotel what the expected rate should be and make sure you haggle for it.
- Dress modestly, especially near places of worship, so knees and shoulders should be covered.
- Avoid following any locals in the souks, they may try to guide you to quieter, shady corners and can then ask for money and get rude. If you are asking for directions, as a souk owner who can’t lead their spot.
- Keep right when walking on the narrow lanes of the souk.
- Keep your personal items on you and avoid taking out expensive items in the middle of the souks.
- When arriving in Marrakech, it is best if you arrange an airport pickup with your hotel rather than finding a taxi at the airport.
- Carry enough cash with you in Morocco, only some resorts and restaurants will accept card. Make sure to get some currency before arriving or at the airport, as ATM’s can be difficult to find in the city.
- Closed toe shoes are a good idea as donkeys (and what they leave behind) are a common sight in the Medina.
- Don’t drink the tap water and stick to bottled.
- And lastly, make sure to haggle and bargain with sellers in souks to get a better price.

We hope you have a great time in Marrakech and let us know your favourite thing to do in the city, in the comments below.

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