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#madeinegypt #eygpt #pyramids #pyramidsofgiza #memphis #saqqarapyramids #pranjalsumani So, here the last chapter of “Made in Egypt”. This chapter was ...

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#madeinegypt #eygpt #pyramids #pyramidsofgiza #memphis #saqqarapyramids #pranjalsumani

So, here the last chapter of “Made in Egypt”. This chapter was most asked as it has one of the main monumental structure of seven wonder of ancient world - The Great Pyramids of Giza.

If you are staying at Cairo in Egypt, then it is only 20 mins from downtown. And you can reach there by many ways –
1. Cairo Metro
2. Uber
3. Private Taxi
4. Private Tour with guide
We have taken Private tour with Egyptologist to understand Pyramids inside – out. For that we have booked Emo Tour Egypt you can book it from here -
Package fare – 5500 per person
Package includes – Pick up and drop from hotel, Egyptologist, 3 places, Lunch, and water bottles.

The great Pyramids of Giza
The Giza Pyramids are basically royal tombs of Egyptian ancient pharaohs from 4th dynasty. You will not believe how huge it is until you see it. It is still difficult for Archaeologists to tell how it was made during the time where there was no technology no equipments.
These pyramids were made for after death life for ancient kings of Egypt in which the body of kings used to mummified and decorated with golds and essentials. The pyramids from inside is nothing but deep underground empty hole. There are 6 Pyramids – 3 are huge once for kings who rules and other 3 are from their wives and daughters.
Ticket – 160 EGP (as per 2019)
Inside visit fare for huge Pyramids – 400 – 500 EGP
Inside fare for Small Pyramids – no fare only a tip

Saqqara or Sakkara (Djoser Pyramids)
It is the oldest burial site serving as the necropolis for the Ancient Egyptian Capital, Memphis. Djoser Pyramids are the oldest Pyramids from 3rd dynasty, it is sometimes referred to as the Step Tomb due to its rectangular base. This is now an archaeological site where the search is still on.
Fare – only a small Tip to guard.
Memphis is the oldest capital of Egypt. It is only 20 kms from Giza which takes only 10 mins to reach. It said that this city was founded by Pharaoh Menes. In this video we have visited to one of the archaeological sites where they have discovered many statues and antiques now places as that site. The work is still on in this site. The most attractive statue was Ramses II broken statue which is placed in a room. They say it took lot of time to drag the statue out from Ptah temple and it was discovered by an Italian explorer.
Fare – 50 EGP as per 2019 (was included in package)

Egypt trip has given us lifetime experience with so many beautiful memories. I would recommend everyone to visit here once in life..

I am leaving link for Playlist Episodes for Made in Egypt web series, hope you'll enjoy it.

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