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#Traval Niraj #Londom tore #London trip #london travel #London city #london #london ture . Go museum hopping London has more museums than you could se...

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#Traval Niraj #Londom tore

#London trip

#london travel
#London city

#london ture

. Go museum hopping

London has more museums than you could see in one visit, and many of them are free. From the Tate to the City Museum to the National Gallery to the Historical Museum, you’ll be able to spend days here without spending a penny! At the Natural History Museum, you’ll find over 80 million items, including specimens collected by Charles Darwin. It also has a great collection of fossils, making it a fun and educational stop if you’re traveling with kids. The Victoria and Albert Museum (named after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert) is another favorite of mine. It’s home to over 2,000 works of art covering over 3

,000 years of human history.

2. Grab some food in Borough Market

With more food stalls than you can imagine, Borough Market has something for every eater. It is home to some of the best British and international produce and dishes. Come here hungry and leave satisfied. Already ate? Nibble the free samples being given out at most stalls. Open for lunch Mondays and Tuesdays, all day Wednesday-Saturdays and closed on Sundays. The crowds are terrible on Saturdays, but if that’s the only day you can fit it in, I’d go anyway!

3. Take in the theater

London is known for its’ famous theater scene. Attend a show while you’re here and see some of the shows that make London famous. Tickets can be pretty cheap, and something is playing every night (check out TKTS for discounted tickets for shows in the West End). Otherwise, catch a Shakespeare show at The Globe in South London — tickets start from £7 ($10 USD).

4. Stroll along Brick Lane

On Sunday, this little street, and the car park becomes a great place for cheap food. You can get a wide variety of food here, spend the day at the outdoor market, or have some great local curry. It’s a popular place with the locals and has some of the best food in London. This street is also a great place to bring a camera, as its’ walls are basically a gallery for London’s best graffiti artists.

5. Ride the London Eye

The London Eye is basically a 500-feet tall ferris wheel, and it has become the most popular paid-for UK visitor attraction. It’s across the street from Parliament and gives you great views of London, especially on a clear day. But honestly, for £27 ($35 USD), you are better off spending that money on other attractions.

6. Visit the London Dungeon

The London Dungeon calls itself “the world’s most chillingly famous horror attraction.” It covers 2,000 years of London’s gruesome history and is a morbid but interesting museum to see about England’s past. Although you’ll learn about popular torture methods in Old England, to be honest, this place has turned into more of an “amusement park” type attraction. But if you like things like escape rooms and scary boat rides, you’ll enjoy it. Ticket prices start from £24 ($31 USD).

7. See St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul’s is a striking cathedral with a world-famous Dome. Inside you’ll find glittering mosaics and elaborate stone carvings. You can also climb to the Whispering Gallery or higher still to the Stone Gallery or Golden Gallery for panoramic views over surrounding London. Admission is £24 ($31 USD) when you buy online, which is cheaper than the London Eye and with similarly breathtaking views.

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