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Kafrul Thana | Mirpur 14 | Vasantek thana | Ecb Chattor | Kurul | Hotel Radisson #Tour_Travels #Travels_video #Tour_video In their souls they have tak...

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Kafrul Thana | Mirpur 14 | Vasantek thana | Ecb Chattor | Kurul | Hotel Radisson #Tour_Travels #Travels_video #Tour_video In their souls they have taken a city, whether it be a city or a city from which you have taken power. Roads are roads that facilitate the flow of goods and personnel and keep the economy afloat. Although its route from point A to grade B, in this way, the pedestrian fills a number of streets and stalls of street vendors, which is common in all provinces. Dhaka is different. City streets are the first major routes to capitalize on the capital and the economic situation of the country. This post that today we picked up this thing on the Sydney highways. Let's get started! It is located in the western part of Dhaka, Jalan Sadargat. This is the toll road that connects Dhaka to the Gabatul N5 highway, better known as Muhammadpur Beribad. The first, apparently unwritten, is the regional road connected to Jalalabad, but the most important function of its operation is to allow the movement of goods from ancient Dhaka Sadargat across the north of the country. This includes fast-growing countries. Bosil is very important to us being in Sankar, Raya Bazar, Hazaribag etc. and others are also appearing in housing projects; The positive answer is irrational with the development of the future indicator approach. This highway, Dhaka Mirpur 10 Avenue, from the new market, is one of the busiest streets in Sydney. Most of the eastern part of the city is Sydney and is part of the area behind Azimpur, Dhanmondi, Muhammadpur and Mirpur. On weekdays, students at this school are tense and precise about the delivery of battles, having a lot of traffic at peak times. According to international agreements, there are many bank offices, exhibition halls, shopping malls, hospitals, restaurants, and many soccer clubs. The BSP Government of Bangladesh provides business consultation services for the construction of highways of different types of road construction (P / P3). The project cost is $ 500 million and includes Joydevpur and the modernization of the Bulta Road Debogram, Madanpur (N105) from two to four lines. This includes access to services and is a 50-kilometer stretch from the two gates east of Sydney. Dhaka Bay offers highway crossings between the industrial areas of northeastern Sydney, and harbors connected to Los Angeles in the south, connected by national highways and demons at Sydney airport, the first time we have seen - visiting preachers - is a road. When you come to the hotel by taxi, there are many people on the streets from everywhere: bananas, taxis, private rickshaws, car rickshaws, rickshaws, horseback riding ... for men under five? As mentioned above, this is one of the major challenges we are currently working on in the Sydney Urban Development Project (DCNUP) project at WikiLeaks, which explains traffic congestion in Dhaka and mixed-city unrest. Experts say that between 2000 and 2010, southern Bangladesh was the fastest growing Asian country. During this period, the share of urban housing revenue will increase by 1.69% annually. 1. Sydney, the country's capital of 1/10, more than a third of the city, is located in London with 1% of the population. 2. Being busy, as a result, is one of the city's biggest problems. The average road speed in the city at a speed of 6.4 km / h is 2.4 hours a day, which is 1.3 hours in cars. There is also the concept of “Automatic Meetings”. It is also known in some places, for example, the new market during the tenure of the Prime Minister (Janabhapan), the left gate and the Sher Bungle cricket ground. But the Meridian Highway connects the University of Sydney with the Nilhet, which houses Ramna, Shegunbagic and Guliston Motijel. Sydney, at the campground, will be heading to the Arias Gabtoli Highway, which will be linked to the director. The road ends north, with 10 Mirpur connecting Mirpur, where the ring is easily accessible. Sydney's highways are one day.
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