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Our Canada travel guide has made efforts to show you the best among the interesting things to do in Canada. 1. Hit the mountains and slopes If you vis...

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Our Canada travel guide has made efforts to show you the best among the interesting things to do in Canada.
1. Hit the mountains and slopes
If you visit during the winter months, it will interest you to climb the mountains where you enjoy the best of skiing and snowboarding. The slopes in the popular Banff mountain town are always busy in the winter months welcoming locals and visitors as they hit the slopes. Other great skiing destinations are Mont Tremblant, Lake Louise, Kicking Horse, Sunshine Village, and Whistler Blackcomb among others.
2. Take hiking to the rainforest
If you want to have a wonderful feel of some of the Vancouver Island temperate rain forest, hike the Pacific Rim National Park. Being one of the most popular parks in Canada, it is home to Pacific Silver Fir, Western Hemlock, and Western Red Cedar among others.
3. Travel by road
Though Canada is a huge country, it is best explored by traveling on the road. That's how you can see those tiny little towns, amazing countryside, majestic mountains, and many of the off-the-beaten-track places you've read. You will get the opportunity to enjoy long stretches of driving without gas stations or rest stops. Just be by your family in the car throughout the day.
4. Stroll the nation’s capital
Strolling the nation capital, yes exploring it on foot is one of the best things to do in Canada. This allows you to see art galleries, museums, and a lot of shops. In this charming city, you can stroll the Parliament Hill, the seat of the government of Canada. Crossing the Ottawa River in the capital will also be interesting. If you cannot visit those museums, you may simply roam around the busy Byward Market area or admire the dexterities in the craft breweries in Westboro. Don’t forget to try a beavertail, that flaky, sweet pastry, during your stay there.
5. Pretend to be a cowboy
Yes, you guess right! That's an activity for everyone in Calgary during July. Thousands of people go down to Calgary for the multi-day rodeo with drinking event and carnival. Within these few days filled with lots of fun, you will meet millions of people from around the world pretending to be a cowboy wearing their boots and hats. You too would want to fit in! If you save some money to have a taste of the unique festival food, you can join the queue for one of the popular tents.
6. Go and see wildlife
Head to Yukon for your nature fix. You don’t have to tour the Yukon Wildlife Preserve before you see a bear, elk, and deer. But you’ll definitely see them and many more in the wildlife. While still Yukon, hike in the Tombstone Territorial Park and bath in a mineral hot pool at the Takhini Hot Springs. If you visit Yukon, you won’t love to stay again in the major cities in the south of Canada.
7. Go and see the galleries
You have a lot of galleries to see in Canada if can spare about a day or two in Toronto. You’ll admire some of the best of arts. Two of the most famous places are the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and the Art Gallery of Ontario. There are also smaller specialty galleries like the Textiles Museum of Canada and the Museum of Contemporary Art.
8. View the Aurora Borealis
In this Canada travel guide, we make bold to tell you that you’ll find it interesting to view the Aurora Borealis when you go to the small town of Churchill, Manitoba. Though is insignificant, it is the world’s dual capital; for Polar Bear and Beluga Whale. Go and ride in a tundra buggy and enjoy lively nature thriving here.

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