How to visit Lijiang JADE DRAGON SNOW MOUNTAIN l Glacier Park, Blue Moon Valley, Impression Lijiang

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The Jade Dragon Snow mountain looms large over Lijiang city. We’re quite confused on how to visit Lijiang Jade Dragon Snow Mountain on our own, especi...

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The Jade Dragon Snow mountain looms large over Lijiang city. We’re quite confused on how to visit Lijiang Jade Dragon Snow Mountain on our own, especially to the Glacier Park, as we did not want to join a group tour. We enquired about advanced booking, however, we’re informed we had to take a package tour. Nevertheless, the next day, we hopped into a taxi and headed for the park, quite preparing to skip the Glacier Park. What happened next was beyond our expectation. It turned out our taxi driver insisted on helping us get tickets to the Glacier Park. Using his mobile, he could see there were still tickets available online and he advised us to buy them while on our way there. After getting our facial identification and passport details registered online, we succeeded in getting our tickets (via facial recognition only).
We arrived at the Park Entrance building and took a shuttle bus, followed by an electric car to the Blue Moon Valley. After having a quick look around, we moved on and soon was back at the main building. We’re scheduled to take the cable car by 11 am (timed entry). From the here, we boarded another shuttle bus to go the Cable Car (Ropeway) station. We rode the cable car all the way up to the Glacier Park. The park is spectacular, from there we could get a clear view of the surrounding mountains. After having some hot drink, we headed down and returned to the Park Entrance building.
We’re just in time to see the Impression of Lijiang show. We bought the expensive but absolutely worthy VIP tickets and sat through the 1-hour show, enjoying every second of the incredible performance against the majestic mountain setting.
After the show, we returned to Lijiang by bus. You can easily find these buses outside the Park Entrance building.
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0:00 Intro
0:21 Old Town Lijiang
0:48 Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
0:17 Tourist Car to Blue Moon Valley
1:33 Blue Moon Valley
2:32 Park Entrance Building
2:45 Shuttle Bus to Cable Car station
2:52 Yulong Snow Mountain Ropeway
3:06 Glacier Park
4:43 Impression of Lijiang
5:44 Return to Lijiang
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