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How to Find Black Queer Community Abroad: Online | Finding Queer Community Series

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After moving abroad, finding community was something I struggled with. I was so thankful to be in a new country and meet new folx locally, but I also ...

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After moving abroad, finding community was something I struggled with. I was so thankful to be in a new country and meet new folx locally, but I also wanted to connect to other Black folx and Black queer folx. Now I did meet other Black &/or queer folx in person (I will cover that in part 2, finding queer community abroad in person), but I found so much more access to spaces because of the pandemic online. More things were online because of the vid, luckily for me, they were accessible for me as a person outfit of the US too.

Please feel to drop any connections to folx you know of in the comments.

As time passes I will update and add to this list. I follow so many amazing creatives, healers, curators, and content creators.

Jewel The Gem (she/her) / @jewel_thegem & @jewelthegemproductions
-Creates amazing virtual healing and joyful spaces for Black &/or queer & trans folx. Also, put on the amazing Black Queer Freedom Summit

Sunday (she/they) / @ sundayrosegold
-Creates amazing virtual spaces for dance, connections to our bodies, and healing. From embracing your sensuality and tapping into movement in your body, Sunday is THE one you want to tap into.

Xolani (they/them) / @elevatedconjure
-Creates amazing spaces for healing, spirituality, and more. They host mediation spaces and have also have hosted divination spaces as well in the past.

Meckell (she/they) / Travel Well With Meckell
-Has an amazing channel where they give resources and information about life abroad and have an amazing community meet up at their weekly live show on Thursdays at 8 pm CST

Q / @q2travel
-Creates content of their journey as a Black queer person road tripping through Latin America. They go live and give folx great insights.

The Xpat App
The only directory made for Black expats, nomads, and students to connect, build community, and find information. Find me in the LGBT+ group with other Black queer travelers!

WhatsApp Groups
I am connected to a couple dope Black queer WhatsApp groups, DM me on IG and I can connect you.

Unfortunately many of the spaces I used to go to have left clubhouse since it expanded as it became a problem where there was a lot more bullying, antiblackness, and more on the app.

The Black Queer Lounge
-Space where I met a lot of great Black queer folx virtually. They are no longer active but maybe they may come back one day.

Facebook Groups
I would suggest joining ones that align with what types of communities you want. Maybe search "Black expats in ___". While I don't use Facebook much anymore, I think the Black travel and expat groups are amazing for meeting new folx.

BIPOC Death Cafes

If you are new here, my name is Ami (he/him) and I am a Black, queer trans expat and world traveler. My journey first started when I was 23 and I listened to my intuition and left the US. Now 25, I have come out as queer and explored my sexuality, gender identity, and expression lived in 5 countries in Latin America, and learned Spanish. I am now sharing my experience and journey here on this channel, creating a closer & more personal space in my community corner, and I offer consultations to help others on their journeys.

✨Join my Community Corner here: https://amisadventures.gumroad.com/l/communitycorner

✨Book a 1:1 call with me: https://calendly.com/aminahsadventure...

If y'all have more questions about my journey or other video topics you would like to see, comment them below and let’s chat!
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