He Falls in Love with Barcelona, Quits Job & Moves to Europe

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Brian is Hungarian American and he quit his high paid engineering job to pursue a lifestyle that resonates with him a lot more. He's always been drawn...

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Brian is Hungarian American and he quit his high paid engineering job to pursue a lifestyle that resonates with him a lot more. He's always been drawn to a European way of living with more walkable cities and when he traveled to Barcelona several years ago, he said, that's it, "I'm saving up money, quitting this job that I hate, and moving to Europe."

His path wasn't direct but he had a mission in mind and that's ultimately what led him to completing his dream 3 years ago when he landed in the Catalonian capital.

Find out how he compares living in the US to Europe as well as how to adapt to Barcelona, make new friends, learn the language, and much more.

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00:00 Intro
00:27 What Life Was Like Before the Move to Barcelona
1:03 Why Did You Feel Like You Needed to Make a Move?
1:46 Other US Cities with a European Feel
2:41 Brian's Upbringing
3:58 Steps to Make the Move
4:41 How Much He Saved Before Moving
5:51 Visa and Registering
8:27 Settling in Barcelona
10:31 Language Differences
13:07 Cultural Differences
14:44 Meeting People and Lifestyle in Barcelona
17:51 Was Anyone or Anything Particularly Helpful?
18:38 The Biggest Difficulty Settling In
21:22 How Much Do People Need to Make in Barcelona?
23:25 What Are Things You Learned About Yourself?
24:24 What Does Life Look Like Now?
28:44 Advice on Remote Working
29:44 Key Differences US vs Spain
32:30 How Has Living Abroad Transformed Your Life

Hilariously Accurate Video About Spanish Red Tap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wtbQUaC9mE

Language School that Brian Referenced http://bcnsunlight.com/
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