GREEN ISLAND Day 1 (綠島第一天)

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We did a quick trip to Green Island in April. Great weather great scenery. This is the first day showing us visiting some cool places. Who we are We a...

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We did a quick trip to Green Island in April. Great weather great scenery. This is the first day showing us visiting some cool places.

Who we are
We are a small publishing company (Vision) based in Taipei. We produce an English magazine (Travel in Taiwan) introducing readers to Taiwan as a travel destination.

Who I am
My name is Johannes (友漢), "Twelli". I love creating videos about places in Taiwan and I try to post a few videos every week (well, more like twice a month). Please let me know what you think about this channel and feel free to ask me any question. Thanks for your support!

Travel in Taiwan:

Travel in Taiwan magazine (2020/7-8)
Text: Francesca Chang

Green Island Lighthouse
The Green Island Lighthouse is a beautiful white tower located in the island’s northwest corner. It was a gift from the United States after the SS President Hoover liner hit a reef off the island and was grounded in 1937. Locals rescued the stranded passengers, and a year later, as an act of gratitude, the U.S. donated the funds to build the original lighthouse. The current lighthouse, built in 1948 after the original was destroyed in WWII, stands at just over 33m in height, and is reached by ascending a 150-step staircase. The lighthouse offers a 360-degree-view of Green Island. Close by is Wuyouku, a beach area with a large pool of saltwater that appears at low tide, teeming with sea creatures.

Green Island Human Rights Culture Park and General Rock
In 1949, toward the end of the Chinese Civil War, a period of martial law was declared in Taiwan that was to last until 1987. Under Kuomintang rule many political dissidents were imprisoned in a facility on Green Island. In 2001, the Green Island Human Rights Culture Park was built to commemorate political prisoners oppressed during the martial law period. Part of this park is the Human Rights Monument, which has a long, descending wall on which former prisoners’ names are inscribed. It leads to a circular structure formed with series of pillars.
The General Rock is a nearby coast-side landmark hard to miss from the park. The unique rock formation gets its name from its resemblance to a military officer wearing a steel helmet.

Youzihu and Wangong Cave
Youzihu is an abandoned fishing village on the east coast of the island. The village played an important role in the island’s early development. Today, you can still see remnants of some of the abandoned stone houses. The scenery surrounding Youzihu has an out-of-this-world feel. One of the natural attractions is the Wangong Cave, accessible via a dirt path. Created by sea erosion, this is a popular spot to take photos. There is also much else to see in the area, including natural pools filled with clear water and interestingly shaped giant rocks.

Slow Island Hostel
Slow Island Hostel is located just 650m from Nanliao Fishing Harbor, where most visitors arrive via ferry. This backpacker hostel emits a laid-back, worry-free vibe. It was founded by a well-tanned young man from Keelung, a port city near Taipei. He left the north and headed down to the southeast with a dream of opening a restaurant on Orchid Island, Green Island’s tropical-paradise neighbor, but chose this paradise instead. The hostel is an ideal choice for those on a budget, with small, basic shared bunkbed rooms sleeping four to nine people.
Slow Island Hostel (綠島緩島旅宿)
Add: No. 110-1, Neighborhood 9, Nanliao Village, Ludao Township, Taitung County (綠島鄉南寮村九鄰110之1號)

Mr. Hot Dog
Across the street from the Slow Island Hostel is Mr. Hot Dog, a restaurant run by the same owner as the hostel. This American-themed restaurant serves yummy burgers, quesadillas, brick oven pizza, and island-inspired cocktails made with Taiwanese liquors.
Mr. Hot Dog (哈狗店)
Add: No. 103, Nanliao Village, Ludao Township, Taitung County

Green Island Sika Deer Store
The sika deer is revered on the island by locals, including the owner of the Green Island Sika Deer Store. Hailing from the Taiwan mainland, he came to Green Island 13 years ago on a working holiday, fell in love with the place, and has been there ever since. He sells sika deer-themed items, including hand-painted postcards, magnets, stuffed animals and, most famously, delicious sika deer-shaped egg cakes.
Green Island Sika Deer Store (梅花鹿專賣店)
Add: No. 205-1, Nanliao Village, Ludao Township, Taitung County

English and Chinese
General Rock 將軍岩
Green Island Human Rights Culture Park 綠島人權公園
Green Island Lighthouse 綠島燈塔
Nanliao Fishing Harbor 南寮漁港
Human Rights Monument人權紀念碑
Wangong Cave 彎弓洞
Youzihu 柚子湖
Travel Tips
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