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Ghangad Fort Trek Vlog - Lonavala ! Ekole ! How to reach Ghangad Fort !

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Ghangad fort trek is a beautiful and easy one day trek in Lonavala with amazing views! Timestamps- 00:00 Introduction 00:23 Starting point of Ghangad ...

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Ghangad fort trek is a beautiful and easy one day trek in Lonavala with amazing views!

00:00 Introduction
00:23 Starting point of Ghangad fort
00:54 How to reach Ghangad fort
02:26 Mahadev temple
03:05 Gajrai Devi temple
03:38 Ghangad fort Photo point- 1
04:25 Cave exploration
05:06 First fortification of Ghangad fort
05:55 Cave on Ghangad fort to stay at night
06:09 Ghangad fort Photo point- 2
07:00 Climb on the Stairs
07:11 Narrow path
07:39 Three tanks and one cave on Ghangad fort
08:20 Final climb to Ghangad fort
09:40 Ghangad fort top

Ghangad fort is an unexplored near Lonavala. It is slowly gaining popularity. It was more of a watch tower to keep eye on Pune and Raigad region. The base village is Ekole and it lies in Bhambarde grampanchayat. The fort is situated at a height of 915 metres/ 3000 feet. Ekole is situated at a distance of 35 kms from Lonavala railway station.
How to reach Ghangad Fort- If coming by public transport, get down at Lonavala Railway Station and go to Lonavala ST stand. There are two buses to Bhambarde village. one bus departs at 9 am and the second bus leaves at 12.30 pm. The last bus from Bhambarde village to Lonavala railway station is at 2.30 pm. Do check the bus timings at ST bus stand. If coming by jeep or taxi, the fare is 2000- 2500/- from Lonavala railway station to Ekole village and return. 5-6 person can easily travel in the taxi/ jeep. If coming by private vehicle, type Ekole in the Google map. It will take you to the starting point of the trail. Cars and bikes can be parked at the start of the trail.
The trail starts from the right side of a private property with Ghangad front in front. One has to walk along the fence and then cross a stream bed. After that, take the right diversion. Arrow is painted on the rock. It will lead you to an opening. Take the path going to the left. You will reach a Mahadev temple on the left side, within 10- 15 minutes of starting the trek. There is a Shivling and on the outside, there are small rocks with inscriptions on it. Just after the Mahadev temple, there are two small temples on the right side. Further ahead, there is a temple of Garjai Devi. There are two tall lamps in front of the temple along with small rocks with inscriptions on it. After the temple, a trek of 10 minutes will lead to rock- cut steps. 5 minutes walk on it will lead to fortification walls and the first photo spot. Care must be taken while climbing on the spot. Opposite to it, lies the trail to the fort. Further ahead, there is a diversion. Trail on the left leads to Cave and trail on the right leads to Ghangad fort. Even though the trail on the left is narrow, it is safe. The cave is empty and small. The trail ahead leads to first steps of the Ghangad fort. Climbing it will lead to the cave where 20- 25 people can easily stay at night. On the left lies the ladder to the Ghangad fort. The ladder is placed by Shivaji Trail group. On the right side is the second photo point. It has a huge rock structure which fell down centuries ago and is loosely stuck. Once you climb the ladder, there is a water tank on the right and trail to the Ghangad fort on the left. It is a little narrow and thus, rope is attached for support. After climbing, there are three tanks on the right and one small cave on the left. Further ahead is a small narrow and steep climb leading to the final rock-cut steps and entrance of the Ghangad fort. Immediately after the steps, there is a pit on the left side. It is small and dark and the bottom is not visible. Further ahead is the topmost point of the Ghangad fort. There are a few remnants of some structures. From the top, Mulshi dam is visible on the east; Tail Baila, Sudhagad and Sarasgad forts on the east and Konkan region on the south.

Distance of Ghangad fort ( Ekole ) from major centres -
Lonavala - 35 kms
Pune - 102 kms
Khopoli - 45 kms
Mumbai - 116 kms
Thane - 117 kms

Trek details-
Base village- Ekole
Grampanchayat- Bhambarde
Time to ascend- 1- 2 hours
Time to descend- 1 hour
Difficulty- Easy
Endurance- Easy

Please keep the nature clean and do not spoil the nature.

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