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This video is a flight report onboard an Airbus A320 with Air France in Economy Class. We will be flying from London, UK (LHR) to Paris, FR (CDG). Thi...

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This video is a flight report onboard an Airbus A320 with Air France in Economy Class. We will be flying from London, UK (LHR) to Paris, FR (CDG).

This is the return of my trip, 1 stopper from Los Angeles. You can check out the long-haul leg of the trip on the A380 here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7IyzHw-p34 and the connection from Paris to London here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWnacjxpEqs.

I was looking forward to a short and uneventful flight to catch my connection home to Los Angeles. London Heathrow is insanely big and knowing exactly which Terminal you are departing from is a must, otherwise you could add an additional 45-60 minutes of travel between Terminals.

We start our trip in Terminal 4. Fairly empty in the morning and the sun shining through the glass panes really gave the departure hall and warming feeling. Because I had no bags to check I used the automatic kiosk and the process was fairly easy. Security was brief and just like that I was airside.

Terminal 4 is a long skinny Terminal, but it has plenty of shopping and food options. It feels more like a mall than an actual airport. You will not go hungry here, and if you are bored you might spend a few grand on Gucci bags.

Took the time I had to do some spotting, there is an observation located in the roof that overlooks runway 27L. The views are not bad, but I believe there was some construction going on in the rooftop and the view was blocked in certain places.

We were set to board and I have a feeling its a common occurrence. Air France announced a 20 minute delay. Not too worried, at least not yet. People began to line up so I did as well. I was second in line when the gate agents started asking over the intercom to check in bags due to the flight being full. Having a tight connection I did not want to do this and I sat out. No one volunteered and he started picking people off at random. He picked the lady in front of me who went ballistic and made a scandal in front of 178 people. She was let go and she did not have to check her bag.

Finally boarding begins and as they start scanning the tickets. I approach the counter and I immediately get pulled off. They told me I had to check my bag. I argued and said I had a very tight connection, that we were delayed and that it will not make it. After arguing for a few minutes. He decided to combine the weight of my duffel bag and backpack. Keep in my mind I have all my camera gear that is indeed heavy. Of course I was overweight by 2kg. He didn't give me an option and told me I had to check my bag no matter what. I argued saying about my connection but he didn't listen. He assured my bag will make it to my connection and it will be fine.

Finally I boarded, probably in the middle of the queue. Finally reaching my seat and hoping for everyone to settle down so we could leave. A lot of people didn't know where to sit and the boarding process was a mess in general.
We were further delayed because of traffic and finally reached the runway after a 30 minute taxi.

The flight itself was fine, but the catering completely skipped our row. Everyone got a snack except row 16. At least I got free wine. Finally landed at Charles De Gaulle and I had 25 minutes to make my connection. Let's just say I had to run as they were calling me over the speaker.

Stay tuned for Part 2 from Paris to Los Angeles!

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-- Flight Details --
LAX-CDG-LHR 12/06/2019 Air France
LHR-CDG-LAX 12/09/2019 Air France & Delta Air Lines
Round Trip Total Cost: $422.73

Airline: Air France
Aircraft: Airbus A320-214
Seat: 16A, ECONOMY
Flight #: AF-1581
Route: London, UK (LHR) - (CDG) Paris, FR
Flown: December 9, 2019

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