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Finally Camping Again! Are you ready? (RV Living Full Time) 4K

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We are finally moving again! Because we are RV Living full time, we usually move every two weeks or less. But recently, like many others, we were on l...

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We are finally moving again! Because we are RV Living full time, we usually move every two weeks or less. But recently, like many others, we were on lock down for two months. Now, we finally moved. We have a packing up, hitching, and unhitching checklists, so what is different? We are going to show you what we did extra to prep for being on the road again after such a long time stationary in one spot. Are you ready to be back on the road? Are you excited to be finally camping again?

We had extra cleaning (like washing the RV for the first time), extra downsizing, and of course a creepy creature. Let us know in the comments what you did to prepare for being on the road again, whether you are a weekender, seasonal, or full time like us.
[Video correction- a viewer David let me know that some Thousand Trails do allow RV washing with permission and a fee]

Thank you to Grand Adventure for the recommendation of our Magma Kettle Grill

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We are a married couple in our mid 50s who downsized and sold our house so we can see the sights and enjoy every day to live deliberately as full time RVers - traveling with our dogs, Scrappy & Chewie, in our Grand Design Solitude 310 GK fifth wheel.

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