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Gulf Shores & Orange Beach offer guided tours that allow you to explore the unique landscapes, history, and wildlife of the Alabama Gulf Coast. Guided...

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Gulf Shores & Orange Beach offer guided tours that allow you to explore the unique landscapes, history, and wildlife of the Alabama Gulf Coast. Guided tours taken by sea, land, or air allow you to explore the area from unique perspectives.

Cast off with a dolphin cruise that let you check off seeing bottlenose dolphins from your bucket list. Gulf Shores & Orange Beach dolphin cruises let you observe the main attraction, dolphins, in their natural habitat while also catching a glimpse of the other wildlife local to the Alabama Gulf Coast. There are multiple dolphin cruise operators in the area that offer distinct experiences and teaching methods that are fun for the whole family.

Catboat tours at Caribe Marina in Orange Beach are interactive tours where you ride in a compact 2-person catamaran that sits low on the water. The lower view gives you a close-up perspective is an optimal vantage point for spotting dolphins, fish, and other wildlife. Catboat tours take you on a 1.5-hour ride through the intercoastal waterways and our local back bays, with an experienced guide leading the way.

Kayak tours, like those provided by Wild Native Tours, are educational 3-hour ecotours that take you through the Gulf Shores waterways. Our dolphin and wildlife kayak tours are considered a signature experience in Gulf Shores and can take you through Bon Secour Wildlife Refuge, intercoastal waterways, and Oyster Bay, depending on currents and weather conditions. Wild Native Tours can also rent kayaks for solo paddling adventures.

Sunset cruises let you take in a romantic view of our pink, orange, and purple Alabama Gulf Coast sunsets. Coastal Alabama sunset views can be taken in through Sail Wild Hearts, which takes you on a 53-foot open ocean catamaran in Orange Beach.

Segway tours through Coastal Segway Adventures take you on a 2-hour tour of Gulf State Park. Explore the US Branyon Backcountry Trail where you can see our changing landscape and views. You will see our various wildlife and, if you’re lucky, may catch a glimpse of Lefty the Alligator.

Exploring Gulf Shores and Orange Beach by air can be done in three ways: helicopter, gyroplane, or hot air balloon. A helicopter tour with Lost Bay Helicopters can include beach tours, sunset flights, historical tours, and Gulf State Park tours, all of which feature breathtaking views and interesting information from pilots. If you want to fly yourself, take a Gyroplane tour with BeachFlight Aviation where, with the guidance of a FAA-certified instructor, you can fly above our white-sand beaches. A 2-seat gyroplane provides a uniquely stable flight experience that lets you observe our wildlife and remember the excursion with a purchasable video of the trip. Lastly, Taking Off Hot Air Balloon Company takes up to 3 passengers into the sky to celebrate your special events.

No matter how you choose to tour Gulf Shores & Orange Beach, we know you will have a great time. We look forward to having you on a tour on your next trip. See you soon!

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