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Easy way to make a BEAUTIFUL GIRL Laugh - Van Life Festival 2022

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Watch this for an easy way to make a beautiful girl laugh at you. We arrived at van life festival mid afternoon in time to setup, meet some friends an...

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Watch this for an easy way to make a beautiful girl laugh at you.

We arrived at van life festival mid afternoon in time to setup, meet some friends and get an early night. Up early for a run the day was then spent meeting some new friends as well as going out to explore the stalls and live music, during which I accidentally made this beautiful girl laugh, even if it was at me and my bad singing! Who would have known it was such and easy way to make her laugh!

We love Van Life, and to be at the biggest event in the UK for 2022 was a pleasure and we cant wait to see what the next few days has in store for us.

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