Dublin, 2 Walking tour, Part 3, Dji pocket 2, 4K, 60FPS, UHD,

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Let me know in the comments below where your watching this from? Walking Tours of Ireland I enjoy walking and I enjoy Traveling, But i Love my country...

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Let me know in the comments below where your watching this from?

Walking Tours of Ireland

I enjoy walking and I enjoy Traveling, But i Love my country
So to combine my interest along with photogrpahy I have created these Virtual Walking tours
Along with Drone footage from my DJI Mavic Air 2 and my Dji Pocket / Osmo 2
Some of these videos will be long and some will be short
Some people like to binge watch and these are the long videos , to get the sense of walking around
Some people only hop on for a short fix so i will also make shorter "get to the point" videos
Some will be me talking and others will be just text informaiton
But of all these i want you , the viewer, to enjoy the peacefull videos and sometimes hectic ones too and enjoy the content and feel the love for my country ,

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Copyright note : Anyone who wishes to use my video can do so but under the conditon that i get credit , post my channels name and link in any material used

No need to ask me , once credit is provided you have my consent to use my videos

Music : https://www.epidemicsound.com/
Walking Camera (Not an Affilate link) : https://www.dji.com/ie/pocket-2
Drone Camera (Not an Affilate link) : https://www.dji.com/ie/mavic-air-2
Editing software (Not an Affilate link) Free version https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve/

Ireland is known for its wide expanses of lush, green fields. In fact, its nickname is the Emerald Isle.
But there are also large areas of rugged, rocky landscape. About 15,000 years ago,
Ireland was completely covered by thick glaciers.
The movement of these giant sheets of ice stripped the soil,
leaving huge tracts of flat, limestone pavement.

Ireland is a nation of storytellers.
The tradition dates back to Celtic bards,
who would record and recite the country's history.
Many famed writers come from Ireland, including four winners of the Nobel Prize for literature.
The Irish also excel in music and sports.

The Irish have a great affection for nature and rural life.
The country's first coins even featured pictures of animals.
Low levels of development and pollution in Ireland have left most of the nation's open spaces relatively undisturbed.
Did you know that there are no wild snakes in Ireland?
The sea has stopped many animals common on mainland Europe from reaching the island.
There are also only two wild mouse species, one type of lizard, and just three kinds of amphibians.
Irish wildlife is protected by government conservation programs.
To preserve natural habitat,
the government has established six national parks and hundreds of national heritage areas throughout the country.

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4K, 60FPS, UHD, Dublin, 2 Walking tour, Part 3, Dji pocket 2
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