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Don't use Credit Card in these countries

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Based on my experience I am sharing a tip for your bank card’s safety while travelling abroad. I travelled from the Western Bus station to my hostel i...

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Based on my experience I am sharing a tip for your bank card’s safety while travelling abroad. I travelled from the Western Bus station to my hostel in Bishkek in odd hours when the road was deserted. I have mentioned about the apps which helped me reach my hostel safely. Such apps can be used anywhere in the world for travelling safely, especially when you are a solo female traveller.

The second part of the video is about a popular market in Bishkek called Orto-Sai Bazaar. Most of the shops were running in shipping containers, so for me, it was a container market. Interestingly there are a few more container market in Bishkek, even multi-floored. So if you are looking for cheap stuff in Bishkek, visit these markets. After that, I met my Indian subscribers based in Bishkek. We went to a restaurant for Indian food. So if you are looking for Indian food or restaurants in Bishkek, watch this video.

1:09 - Cheapest hostel in Bishkek (Link - https://bit.ly/ImagineHostelBishkek )
1:37 - Public transportation app in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan (How to use 2gis app)
2:24 - Why you should not use a credit card in Central Asia!
3:26 - Yandex Taxi Bishkek, Ola - Uber of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Russia
3:33 - Safety Tip: Do this before booking a taxi at an unknown location
3:58 - useful Travel apps in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan - 2gis, Yandex, Google Maps
9:57 - A big local market made up of containers
10:45 - Farm volunteering in a Kyrgyz village - (Link - https://youtu.be/3KESGl_D7bE)
13:03 - Police Station ke saamne mazaak
15:23 - Indian Restaurant in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
17:00 - Best way to divide restaurant bills with friends

This video is a part of my Kyrgyzstan travel series - http://bit.ly/MTkyrgyzstan2019. I spent 3 months in Kyrgyzstan in late 2019. Besides Bishkek, Karakol, Issyk Kul (lake) which are the most popular destinations in Kyrgyzstan, I visited some offbeat places like Jyrgalan valley, Song Kul (lake). Did horse riding trips, stayed in Yurt camps, hitchhiked and stayed with locals. I volunteered in village farms, hostels and NGOs to get the holistic experience of my trip and central Asian culture. All this you will find In this series. #Bishkek #TravelVlog #IndianTraveller

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