Cruise the Zoo | Phoenix Zoo Drive Thru Event | May 2020

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The world as we know it is a much different place from the one we knew when we started vlogging and documenting locations around us. As travel enthusiasts and adventurers of the American Southwest, not being able to get out and explore our home state has been a challenge. While stuck at home and browsing online, we discovered something the Phoenix Zoo created to keep social distancing in mind while still generating income to help provide meals and upkeep for the animals - the Cruise the Zoo event.

Hailing from the city of Phoenix, the Phoenix Zoo is a place we’ve been in the past. But we had questions. How would this work out? Where do we enter? What animals would we drive past? How well can you see them? How long can you spend in the zoo at each exhibit? To find out we purchased tickets for the last remaining day available at the time - Memorial Day of 2020.

As you can expect, the route through the zoo does limit the amount of exhibits one can see. Exhibits we noticed were the elephants, camels, jaguar, cheetah, flamingos, tortoise, hyena, lion, giraffes, zebras, orangutan and tiger.

There is an audio tour available online for you to play on your phone as you make your way from locations in the zoo. This additional feature provides some information about the animals you will see and where to look. It isn’t location based so be sure to have someone designated to play the files in your vehicle if possible.

Depending on what vehicle you are driving, you may find that the guardrails obscure your vision into the exhibits. Should you be driving a higher clearance vehicle, you might have a better view than we did in a VW Golf.

We felt good upon leaving knowing that we helped out the Phoenix Zoo during the strange times we find ourselves in. Should you want to check out Cruise the Zoo, dates will continue the first Thursday through Monday during the months of June, July, and August. Tickets must be purchased in advance and are good for the purchased date only. It’s a unique event and creative way to keep the zoo afloat that one really can’t experience on any given day. We imagine with some popcorn and a souvenir photo, families with children would love this.

Cruise the Zoo Tickets/Packages:
⚪ Member Admission - $50
⚪ General Admission - $65
⚪ Lunch Pack - $10
(includes hot dog, chips, bottled soda or water)
⚪ Kettle Corn - $8
⚪ Digital Photo - $15


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