Coronavirus in New Zealand | Panic Shopping in Auckland New Zealand


Panic Buying in Auckland New Zealand **With subtitles in English. ** Do watch till end ** | CORONAVIRUS in New Zealand | **If you are feeling unwell, ...

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Panic Buying in Auckland New Zealand
**With subtitles in English. ** Do watch till end ** | CORONAVIRUS in New Zealand |
**If you are feeling unwell, do not be afraid to contact your Doctor/GP or Ministry of Health no matter what part of the world you all are in **

Hi all,
Hope everyone is safe and sound. The first case of #CoronaVirus was declared in New Zealand on Friday. Some traveler on Emirates Flight EK450 arriving into Auckland on 26 Feb had contracted this Corona Virus. So yeah covid-19 (covid19 virus) or novel coronavirus as it is also known as has arrived into New Zealand now.

**Ministry of Health New Zealand ** contact detail

For Emergency call : 111
Ministry of Health New Zealand Phone : (call 0800 358 5453 or +64 9 358 5453 for international SIM).

From what I understand is that the person is admitted in isolation at Auckland Hospital currently and is undergoing treatment, and the condition is improving based on the news I heard today (1 March).

Following the announcement, the Supermarkets in Auckland were flooded with people wanting to buy food items and other necessities as a precaution, in case new cases of Virus comes to light in New Zealand. Auckland supermarket ran out of stock at many places as there were long queue of people at many places. I too as a precaution, for the peace of my mind went to buy food stock for a month at least on Saturday, but long queues turned me off and I instead ordered the delivery online.

I have made this short video to highlight a few tips as to how we all could try and do some precautionary steps, related to normal hygiene. Few of the examples as under where people in Auckland due to fear of this deadly coronavirus are panic buying in Auckland :

* Wash your hands frequently for at least 20 -25 seconds and do dry them after washing
* Wear face mask if that gives you peace of your mind
* Try not to shake hands with people, if you, wash your hands after that
* Try avoid public places, unless its very important for you
* Clean and wipe your work desks

The food stock that I had purchased for my peace of mind are listed below. Please note that, the NZ government is taking care of the situation well and there is no need to do panic shopping like few of us did in Auckland.

I purchased few of the things below in case of an Emergency situation :
- Food like Pastas, Noodles, Pasta sauce, baked bean tins, ready to eat microwave food packs, sugar, spices, frozen vegetables (peas/mashed potatos), oil, soap, washing power, dettol, tissue paper, toilet paper, kitchen towel, snacks, toothpaste, razor blade, milk powder, tea bags, paracetamol tablets, rubbish bags, etc. These are few that I could remember.

I sincerely hope that this Corona Virus gets cured soon, good for the world and all living beings.

Take Care all and stay safe,
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