Corona virus desginated hotels go full as people sleep on the streets and cars in Goa


Corona virus desginated hotels go full as people sleep on the streets and cars in Goa Has Goa lost its plot on Corona virus fight...check this People ...

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Corona virus desginated hotels go full as people sleep on the streets and cars in Goa

Has Goa lost its plot on Corona virus fight...check this
People entered Goa with permission that were to be quarantined for two days finally finds that there is no room available and had to stay in their cars and sleep on the footpaths overnight. Some of them were being escorted by police from one place to another as no rooms are available. One of them is 2-3 months old baby.
Another view of Goa…disaster
A Senior Indian Naval Officer, presently posted in Goa .. His native place is in Kerala pens his experiences about lockdown in Goa an Kerala
Was on the roads for last two days traveling to Kerala to be with my parents. I want to share my experience with all for general benefit.
1. First I applied online for entry into Kerala. Got it in just over 3 hrs.
2. Incase of Goa I had to apply 4 times to get it right and clear it. It was difficult to navigate through the website. The entire process took about 30hrs.
3. While on the journey itself at the Goa border.
I got down and had to show I'd proof of all family members which was written down in the register and then cleared to go.
4. At the Karnataka end all of us had to get down thermal screening had to be done. Names entered in a register and then cleared to move.
5. As we traveled within Karnataka we were stopped at two toll booths to enter our details.
6. Now comes the real one. As we entered Kerala at the first point. I had to get down show my pass and was given a token.
7. I had to get in and travel for 500m aprox. At this point we were told to get down of the vehicle. Close our eats bag. Lower car windows and the entire car was sanitised. We were told not to switch on AC. We could move to next point.
8. Again traveled for 500m or so were we again got down. Thermal screening done for all and with our permit no itself our details were verified online without touching any documents.
Contact details were taken and then we could move to next point.
9. At this point we sat in the car itself and our details were recorded online by police.
10. We could then comence our journey to home.
11. We were in for a surprise within a minute we got call from my village panchayat confirming our entry. Next from my village health department checking about our health. After that from the collectorate checking our health details.
12. As a family we felt we were in some foreign country in the positive manner. Were in everyone was showing concern about our well being.
13. We reached home at night 1 am. Morning 7am itself I got a call checking if we reached safely and gave instructions about home quarantine for 14 days and to report if we get any symptoms.
14 At 9 am a local volunteer visited our house for a chat. They said in your absence we have come to your house and checked up on your parents and were ready to help them out with medical treatment etc.
15. In the entire journey as I was traveling we had sent a word across and was surprised to be provided food at different points which we had to decline bcoz we were already stuffed with it in the car.
My two bits:
And for the rest of us Indians, we need to figure out...Finally what matters??? Communal supremacy, ideological pride, retrospecting history or a system that promises us a good, healthy, respectable quality of life for our family....Think about it!
So, Kerala is changing, changing into a well managed welfare state, a state the gives tremendous impetus on Healthcare, Education and good Governance. To my mind the things that has worked for Kerala is Literacy, Communal harmony and the fact that people hold their public and government office bearers accountable. Reward them for their achievements and punish them if they err. Public representatives and government officials therefore behaves and functions like Public servant and not rulers, masters or colonial officers
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