Corona: Thailand versus The U.S.A. | Is there a Difference? | The Process of International Travel


#DoMoreLife #Travel #Thailand The information shared in today's live stream (travel vlog), are all supported by credible sources from around the world...

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#DoMoreLife #Travel #Thailand
The information shared in today's live stream (travel vlog), are all supported by credible sources from around the world.

How is living in Thailand so much different than living in the U.S.A. today? We have no lock down's in Bangkok, Thailand at the time of making this video. There are suggestions of social distancing, wearing a mask, and keeping your hands clean without touching your face. This is a huge contrast to living in America at this time, where lock down's do exist in their larger cities and states.
As for the process of international travel at the time of this video, it is extremely difficult to board any type of plane, bus, or taxi. However, the situation surrounding the virus seems to be improving.

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