City Walks - Historic Medora North Dakota Virtual Walking Tour - Edge of Teddy Roosevelt NP

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#walkingtour #citywalks #virtualwalk #treadmillworkout #treadmillscenery #virtualtreadmill #MedoraND #NDLegendary We're on the road again and explorin...

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#walkingtour #citywalks #virtualwalk #treadmillworkout #treadmillscenery #virtualtreadmill #MedoraND #NDLegendary
We're on the road again and exploring North Dakota. We just got back and it's such a beautiful state. Our first stop was Medora, ND where we visited Theodore Roosevelt National Park and went to the pitchfork steak fondue dinner before the Medora Musical. All of it was fantastic but this is a walk around the tiny little town with a big history. See wikipedia below. The town was basically rebuilt in the 60's after some hard times and now has refurbished historic buildings and a ton of things to do for the family including 3 ice cream shops. Also don't miss the breakfast sandwiches at the C-Store. I hope you enjoy this virtual walk through the town. -H

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Medora is a city in Billings County, North Dakota, United States. The only incorporated place in Billings County, it is also the county seat. Much of the surrounding area is part of either Little Missouri National Grassland or Theodore Roosevelt National Park. The population was 112 at the 2010 census. It is part of the Dickinson Micropolitan Statistical Area.

Medora was founded in 1883 along the transcontinental rail line of the Northern Pacific Railway by French nobleman Marquis de Mores, who named the city after his wife Medora von Hoffman. Marquis de Mores wanted to ship refrigerated meat to Chicago via the railroad. He built a meat packing plant for this purpose and a house named the Chateau de Mores, which is now a museum.

In the evening of April 7, 1903, President Theodore Roosevelt, who had visited and invested in ranches in the area in the 1880s, visited Medora on a presidential tour of the Western United States. Most of the Badlands' residents turned out to greet him on his whistle stop. Roosevelt later recalled that "the entire population of the Badlands down to the smallest baby had gathered to meet me… They all felt I was their man, their old friend; and even if they had been hostile to me in the old days when we were divided by the sinister bickering and jealousies and hatreds of all frontier communities, they now firmly believed they had always been my staunch friends and admirers. I shook hands with them all and…I only regretted that I could not spend three hours with them." A local hotel changed its name that same year to the Rough Riders Hotel. In 1986 the hotel was purchased and operated by the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation.

Also home to the popular Medora Musical, the city of Medora has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in the state.

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