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The Chris & Eve Mansion 4 Stars Hotel is situated 22 km from the border crossing of Makaza, Greece. You will see details of the room in this video. Th...

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The Chris & Eve Mansion 4 Stars Hotel is situated 22 km from the border crossing of Makaza, Greece. You will see details of the room in this video. The location of this hotel is very convenient for tranzit.
The Hotel is located outside the city centre of Komotini, which gives it a peaceful atmosphere, ideal for transit.
Its location on the main road to Alexandroupolis makes it easy to visit this city too.
This hotel blends traditional elegance with a modern design. Each guest room is contemporary in style, and opens onto a balcony offering views of the local countryside.
The Staff of this family-run hotel can provide you with advice on getting around the local area.
Covered parking is available.

It's a truly beautiful hotel with an amazing territory, high-quality restaurants and a swimming pool. The apartments are freshly renovated, super clean, quiet, light and spacious. Our rooms had big balconies. I personally loved the design of the rooms and the whole hotel. Our breakfast here was as good as it could be in a 4 stars-hotel. Everything was freshly cooked and really delicious. The staff were friendly and ready to help. We enjoyed the swimming pool and the most fantastic water slides. It really is a lovely place for relaxation, summer holidays and also for special occasions and events. We stayed there for transit because it is only 15-minutes away from the Makaza border crossing point on the Bulgarian-Greek border. We had no problems finding it because of a really good location. In the previous episode, we told you about our 2 minutes Bulgaria - Greece border crossing. The link is:
Looking forward to seeing you in my next video. You will see our road trip to Keramoti by highway E90 and our ferry boat trip to Thassos later.
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